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Sharing Roadways

No description

Elizabeth Cheang

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Sharing Roadways

Sharing the Roadway
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
By: Elizabeth Cheang, Areli Cardoso, Casey Resonover, and Munira Yusuf
Drivers must share the roadway with:
- Motorcycles
-Tractor- trailer (trucks)
Motorcycles/ Biyclists
Motorcycles: Approximately half of all motorcycle crashes involve automobiles and it is caused by drivers failure to see a motorcycle in traffic.
-Difficult to see due to size
-Can hide behind blind spots and other vehicles
- Driver's do not pay attention to them

-tend to not follow traffic laws
-ride on the wrong side of the road
-avoid stoplights and stop signs

- Slow down and give plenty of room

- Check Blind Spots

- Never pass them in tight spaces
How to avoid Crashing into motorcycles and bicycles

Drive far away from the curb when there are pedestrians
Don't assume they are aware of you
-Tap on your horn
Always yield
extremely fast
doesn't have ability to stop for pedestrians or vehicles
Cannot stop rapidly ( 55mph= 1.5miles to come to a stop)
Trains Also cannot swerve

Tractor Trailers
Trailers sit higher above the ground
Don't have a rear view mirror making it harder for the driver to see what's behind, in front, or on the sides.
Can be 8 times a long a car or 120 ft.
Less visible

They use streets to play

unknown about their actions
when on the road.

have little to no judgment
No zones
Blind spots or areas around trucks.
The Blind spots are called the Side No-Zone, Rear No-Zone, and Front No-Zone.
Caution when it comes to Trains
don't try to beat the gate when it starts to lower
when warning lights are flashing STOP an do not try and cross the track
look both ways when crossing the track even if the lights are off

Where do motorcycles hide?

Behind Trees

Blind Spots
most likely

that drivers will see them
without caution
Avoiding Collisions with Tractor Trailers
If your behind a tractor trailer, give them as much space as possible.
Be patient when driving behind them.
Remember to pass carefully.
Tractor Trailers: Time and Space.
Takes up a lot of space.
Due to their size it makes it harder to turn and harder to look around them. They are also affected by the wind.
Tend to speed up slower, lose acceleration when going downhill.
It takes tractor trailers longer to stop or pass.
What is it called when pedestrians crosses a street where they aren't legally allowed to ?
Blind Spots
Why should drivers be careful of elderly pedestrians?
They're Angry

hearing/ vision
Lack of Knowledge
One way to avoid crashing into trucks
Do not be in their
blind spots
Pass by them
Drive closely to them
What is one way to avoid hitting motorcycles?
Slow down and give them plenty of room
Squeeze between them
Quickly pass by them
What is one way to avoid collision with trains?
Try to speed up when
the gates are lowering

not crossing the tracks when the lights are flashing
Drive when the lights are flashing
Why should drivers be careful of children when driving on the road?
They play on streets
they are visible
Drivers don't need to worry about children
stops frequently
attracts pedestrians
similar visibility/handling
factors as trucks
How to Avoid hitting Pedestrians
Avoiding collisions with Animals
Be careful of driving in wooded areas
especially at
sunset and sunrise
be aware of movement at the side of a road or glowing eyes
Think of what the animal could do
may kill passenger or damage car

What time of the day is it most common
to encounter an animal?
All throughout the day
1. List 3 things drivers have to share the roadway with

2. Name one way to avoid crashing into a bicycle or motorcycle

3. What are no zones?

4. Why is it hard for drivers to see motorcyclists on the road?
5. State a reason why drivers should be careful of elderly pedestrians

6. What is one way to avoid collisions with
7. Name two reasons why drivers should be cautious of kids
8. What are two way to avoid collision with tractor trailers?
9. Why do drivers have to be careful of pedestrians?
10. Sunset to sunrise is the most common time to encounter an animal:
true or false?
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