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sara ahmed

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to deal with difficult personalities?! since the job of the pharmacist concerned about dealing
with people (customers and manager) so there are some challenges facing the pharmacist.

we focused on the communication between the pharmacist and
those people(customers and managers).

Some people have difficult personalities to deal with so the
pharmacist has to be flexible and ready to face this challenge.

In this presentation we focus on some tips to help the
pharmacist to deal with difficult personalities. Introduction ExamPles for difficult people: The Hostile Co-worker THE PESSEMIST The Aggressive Anti-Social Rude/Bullies Whiners Helpless Procrastinators Dealing with difficult customer: Dealing with Angry Customers 1-customer is always right
2-Never argue back
3-Use your ears more than your mouth
4-Show that you care
5-Be patient
6-Be positive in your approach
7-Control your anger
8-De-stress yourself from time to time Dealing with clients who won't listen 1-Get it in writing
2-Create a status report
3-Have regular meetings
4-Listen and consult
Dealing with an emotional customer 1-Ask questions
2-Show understanding and sympathy
3-Avoid getting caught up in their emotion
4-Restate the cause
5-you’re right to be upset
6-Ask ‘How’ questions
7-Move to ‘Action plan’
8-Try to manage the result – not the emotion
9-Become an emotion watcher Dealing with a confused customer 1- Let’s understand this customer
2-They want guidance,help and assurance
4-Watch if they seem satisfied
5- Give out the solution
7-Maintain a polite demeanor
8-Gather the facts as to why she's confused
9-Repeat the source of confusion back to the customer
what to do when the customer demands to speak ‘to your boss’? 1-Explain that you would be willing to help them if they could give you more information
2-Ask open questions to uncover the problem
3-Ask questions to find out the root of the problem
4-Summarise the problem as the customer sees it
5-Show understanding
6-Ask if you both could start again
7-Show willingness to solve the problem 5 Types of Bad Boss and How to Handle Them Dealing with non responsive customer 1-Stay controlled yourself
2-Don’t be in a hurry to get off the phone
3-Learn non-confrontational language
4-Really listen to customers to get at the heart of their issue
5-Take extensive notes
6- Adopt a calm tone. Don’t speak too fast, or too slow
7-Try not to put a customer on hold
8-stay aware of your body language. Avoid defensive, impatient, or angry body language 1-The passive aggressive personality
2-Manipulative personality
3-The unfocused boss
4-The micro-manager boss
5-The put-down boss Finally be flexible and remember these words Top tips for dealing with difficult customer First and foremost - listen Build rapport through empathy Lower your voice Assume all your customers are watching Know when to give in Summarize the next steps :)
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