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“Making deals with uncertainty marks us as plainly as

No description

Artur Grześ

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of “Making deals with uncertainty marks us as plainly as

Risk management in innovation
Natural element of management
Risk is always present

Risk is connected with process of innovation
Capital invested loss
Brand reputation loss

High-impact outcomes with extremely low probability
Nuclear power plants

Air traffic control

Space missions
“Making deals with uncertainty marks us as plainly as
Risk is the part of human life since the beginning!

International Journal of Innovation Management
Outcomes of risk
Positive and negative outcome of risk

Current view at it in innovation process

Prospect Theory
Risk is perceived as hazard by managers
“the possible loss of something of value”
Encouraging improvisation as a way of dealing with risk was implemented in those companies
Schumpeter (1934) and Kirzner (1973)
Risk taking is not the part of innovation
(Blomkvist, 1987:89)
(Shapira, 1995)
(Tiger, 1979: 35)
(Weick and Sutcliffe, 2001)
Risk in innovation as uncertainty of the future
(Knight, 1971)
Volvo and TeliaSonera case
Henrik Berglund
Thank you!
5 and 6 members in groups
Focus groups
Common understanding
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