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Copy of All I needed to know about 8th Grade Civics SOL

Review for the VA Civics and Economics SOL

Tracy Carini

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of All I needed to know about 8th Grade Civics SOL

Everything you need to know about the Civics & Economics SOL But were afraid to ask Citizenship Foundations of Government Political Parties Policy Making Judicial Branch Economics Government and the Economy 14 Amendment Citizenship States must give due process Duties Obey Laws
Pay Taxes
Military, if asked
Serve in Court Responsibilities Register and Vote
Respect Others
Run for Office
Help a Campaign Fundamental Principles 5 Documents US Constitution Charter of the VA Company
VA Declaration of Rights
VA Statute on Religious Freedom
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation Consent of the Governed
Rule of Law
Limited Government
Representative Government The Preamble
Separation of Powers
Checks and Balances
Federalism Funtions of Political Parties Voting Electoral College Influence of the Media Good Luck! Judicial Review Marbury v. Madison Due Process Virginia Courts Midemeanor Felony Competition Government Agencies Public Goods & Services Supply and Demand The Fed How a Bill Becomes a Law Roles of the President Personality Traits General District Court Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Circuit Court Court of Appeals Supreme Court US Courts District Court Court of Appeals Supreme Court 5th Amendment 14th Amendment Birth Naturalization Honesty Accountability Self-reliance Patriotism Roles of the Media Congress Virginia General Assembly House of Representatives
Senate House of Delegates
Senate The US Economy Choice Resources Production Supply and Demand Incentives Price Recruit and Nominate Candidates
Educate the Electorate
Helping Candidates Win
Monitoring the Actions of Officeholders Requirements
18 years old
US Citizen
Resident of VA
22 Days Before Election Who Votes?
Richer Elects the President
Popular Vote from each state
Winner Take All
Large States are Really Important!
Favors a 2 Party System Identifies Candidates
Emphasize Selected Issues
Different Points of View
Editorials, Op-Eds, and Political Cartoons Third Parties Introduce New Ideas
Revolve around a personality
like Teddy Roosevelt National State and Local 1. Bill is Introduced 2. Worked on in Committee 3. Debated on the Floor 4. Voted on by both Houses 5. Signed by Pres or Gov Chief of State Chief Executive Chief Legislator Commander in Chief Chief Diplomat Chief Citizen Separate Fact from Opinion
Evaluate Sources
Detect Bias
Identify Propaganda FCC FTC EPA Regulates Banks
Value of our Currency
Keeps the Economy Stable
Prints Money Lowers Prices
Higher Quality Gov't Supports it! Prevents Monopolies
Supports Global Trade
Helps Business Start-ups Examples: Highways
Nat'l Defense
Post Office Available to many simultaneously
Too expensive to buy on your own Taxes and Loans Gov't does them,
You get less! Consumer Sovereignty
Private Property
Mostly Free Markets
Competition Business Types Proprietorship Partnership Corporation All Have Entrepreneurs! Economic Types Traditional Free Market Mixed Command Circular Flow What goes around Comes around
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