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Tasks of unit A.1

No description

Wiebke Pankauke

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Tasks of unit A.1

Jorgen Bjerre
Speech writer
Jeremy Smith
What we do in A.1
- Coordination
- Planning
- Inter-institutional relations
- Communication
Elisabeth Werner
Head of Unit
Strategic Planning and Programming
Keep your briefings short (2-3 pages max). Lines to take (LTT) should be very short and to the point!
Other coordination tasks
- Smart and better regulation
- Expert groups
- Access to documents
- Agencies
- etc
Victoria Gil-Casado
Agatino Valastro
- Work programme
- Management plan
- Agenda planning
- Translations
- Inter-service consultations
- Approval procedures
Victoria Gil-Casado
Malgorzata Boruta
Fatiha Mehladi
Think of roadmaps and impact assessments!
Be realistic in your planning. And keep us informed if your plans change!
Inter-institutional relations
- Council working groups
- 4x per year: Council of Transport ministers
- EP Committees (TRAN and others)
- Parliamentary questions
- Ombudsman, EESC, CoR, EDPS...
Andreas Norberg
Jocelyn Fajardo
Frederic Leclerc
Get in touch with us when you have to deal with a horizontal issue!
Welcome to DG MOVE!
- Press material and articles
- Liaison with spokesperson
- Weekly media planner
- Newsletter
- Brochures, videos, smart phone apps, seminars...
Paolo Berrino (Dir A and E)
Sarolta Csajbok (Dir B)
Wiebke Pankauke (Dir C)
Vanessa Witkowski (Dir D)
- Europa and VP Kallas website
- Intranet
Yves Bormans
We can help with your communication projects!
Want to know more? Give us a call or take a look at the Intranet:
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