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Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's coat

No description

Lucrecia Biondi

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's coat

Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's coat
The plot
Mrs Bixby was a big, active woman, who travelled once a month to Baltimore to visit her aunt Maude. Her husband, Mr Bixby was a dentist, but what he didn't know was that in Baltimore, his wife visited a gentleman known as the Colonel. One day, this man gave Mrs Bixby a present and told her he wouldn't be able to see her anymore. But Mrs Bixby didn't care at all, because the gift was a beautiful and expensive mink coat. The woman will try to find a way to hide it and the Colonel's existence from his husband.
The characters
Mrs Bixby: big and active woman. Very intelligent and tricking.
Mr Bixby: dentist. An ordinary and boring man. A bit stupid.
The Colonel: a mysterious rich man.
Aunt Maude: the woman who Mrs Bixby pretended to visit in Baltimore.
Wilkins: a very discreet man. He's the Colonel's servant.
Miss Pulteney: a shy woman. She's Mr Bixby assistant.
Relationship among the characters
Mrs Bixby + Mr Bixby
(married to) (gets Mrs Bixby
the neckpiece)

Colonel's Mrs. Pulteney
(lover) (she gets the coat)

Wilkins (servant) Gives Mrs Bixby the present.
The unexpected ending
When Mr Bixby rang his wife to tell her he's got something for her from the pawnbroker, she obviously expected it to be the coat. But when her husband gave it to her, it wasn't the coat, it was a mink neckpiece. This left Mrs Bixby really disappointed. When she got out Mr Bixby office, she ran into Miss Pulteney, her husband's assistant. She was wearing the Colonel's coat.
Coat: an outer piece of clothing that it's used over other clothes.
Mink: a very valuable brown fur, used to make coats, hats, etc.
Fur: the hair that covers the bodies of some animals.
Trick: a way to annoy someone, sometimes used as a joke.
Pawnbrocker: a person who lends money in exchange of things that can be sell if they don't get the money.
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