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The Holocaust

No description

Marcus Moore

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust The Holocaust
By:Marcus Moore Adolf Hitler Summary about the Holocaust Camps The beds the children slept in during the Holocaust Names of the children from the Holocaust Starting in the late 1941, German people who were viewed as the least useful were transported to Concentration Camps. This is known as the Holocaust people such as the sick, old and the very young were sent here. The first camp that was filled with children, the sick and the old began on March 17, 1941. Many Jews were deported to the camps from 1942 to 1945 all over Europe. Countries that were even allied with Germany had people deported to these camps. From summer to fall of 1942 were the heaviest deportations over more than 300,000 people were taken from the Warsaw ghetto. Children from ages 13-18 working children these ages were forced labor Books about the Holocaust Children died from starvation and disease Concentration Camps Children at Concentration Camps Emmanuel Alper 1927 Pinsk, Poland
Hans Ament February 15, 1934 Vienna, Austria
Sura Andrezejko 1927 Stawiski, Poland
Ulrich Wolfgang Arnheim November 2, 1927 Berlin, Germany
Inge Auerbacher December 31, 1934 Kippenheim, Germany
Abraham Beem June 13, 1934 Leeuwarden, Holland
Eva Beem May 21, 1931 Leeuwarden, Holland
Richard Benguigui March 31, 1937 Oran, Algeria
Nissim Mordehay January 8, 1932
Samuel Oliner 1930 Zyndranowa, Poland
Naomi Posinova January 4, 1932 Prague, Czechoslovakia The Creator of the Holocaust
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