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How our enviorment changes our food choices

No description

A-i-d-a-n L-e-e

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of How our enviorment changes our food choices

how does our environment change our food choices By Aidan lee Eating healthy will prevent health problems and prevent sickness. Choices of students in different enviorments Usually after a roasting hot summer day,
people like to eat cold stuff like ice cream
popsicle, and watermelon(etc).Another way
of cooling down in the summer is heating
your body up like doing exercise or eating
spicy food, heating your body up can
cause you to sweat which cools
you down. ice cream and popsicle
healthy food so they are
not best choices. Nothing is more inviting then a hot bowl of
soup in a chilly winter day. Because of cold weather people tend to like hot soup or
hot chocolate or coffee. instead of black coffee, people like mocha or latte which are not as healthy, drink it but not too often. good VS bad student 1 Eric if you were in space dehydrated ice cream
(dry ice cream) student 2 mango Jacques: student 3 Kaiden: Hot dog student 4 Janine: chips student 5 Kaelyn granola bar student 6 Jessica: cookie student 7 Tobin: fruit student 8 steven frozen food student 9 kelly ??? student 10 evan spare food student 11 Aidan (Instant)noodles deserted island cocunut


water cocunut water water cocunut bannana anything possible picnic tuna sandwich sandwich burger lemonade hot dog hot dog fruit sandwich ribs sandwich water bannana resturaunt octopus noodles pasta sushi hot dog pasta salad spring rolls fried noodles fried noodles steak very cold winter day snow cocoa smores hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate ice cream noodles apple pie chili hot summer day grass ice cream shaved ice lemonade ice cream ice cream dessert shaved ice hot chocolate ice cream ice cream ice cream movie popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn popcorn cookie candy chips T.V. juice pizza popcorn popcorn cookie popcorn fruit popcorn orange juice chips chips in class pencil air fruit popcorn fruit air fruit air bananas air soup in a tree leaves gum apple mango cookie cherry fruit apples bananas spaghetti curry This survey shows that out of 110 choices made 7 were ice cream. the majority of the choices is 14, popcorn is chosen the most, most items here are unhealthy so do not eat too often.

sandwich: 4 fruit or vegetables : 16 water: 4 grass: 1 cookie:3
nothing(air) -.- : 4 hotdog: 3 lemonade: 3
frozen food: 1 chips: 4 pasta or spaghetti: 2 pencil... : 1 granola bar: 1
spare food: 1 fried noodles: 2 shaved ice: 2 dehydrated ice cream: 1
cocunut: 2 noodles: 2 candy: 2 snow: 1
???: 1 pizza: 1 octopus: 1 juice: 2
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