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No description

Mekayla Beaver

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of DK RFI - CreatEDU

What's the Next Generation Education?
Our Values
Our Biases
Our Opinions
Our Assumptions
which will lead us to remarkable solutions...
When we peel away...
We find...
Here's how a next generation design process works
Here's how it feels
We are excited to dig deep into the question:

"What is Next Generation Education?"

And perhaps more importantly...
The CreatEDU team has been through this countless times.

We can guide you through How it Works and How it Feels.
We strive toward a
We engage in
of preconceived ideas
of what 'should be' can
make you feel out of control
We develop our ideas through
rapid iteration
Letting go
Design thinking feels
building up ideas
breaking them down
again can feel frustrating.
but has a tried and true
to guide it.
Beginner's Mindset
empathy building
design research
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