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Nittany Deihl

No description

BenzyBoo Wolf

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Nittany Deihl

Nittany Deihl
Nittany's best moment ever
Nittany's best moment ever was when we went to the big "ground area" next to summit park and in that area was a dog fence "dome" and she saw tons of dogs and she was super happy to see all of the other dogs she was running and having so much fun!!!
Words to describe her
Playful Cute Awesome Amazing Brilliant Magnificent Wonderful Pretty Beautiful Gorgeous Adorable Happy Exited Energetic And More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nittany's main information
Nittany has black fur and brown eyes. Nittany is a girl. She is also a dog. Her breed is German Separd Black Lab Mix. She loves meeting new people and new dogs, she is very playful. The way her ears perk out of her head makes her look like the cutest thing on earth!!! That's all her main information.
Her favorite hobbies
Nittany's favorite hobbies are Sleeping, Playing, Cuddling, Running , Being with her family, and Seeing other dogs and people
Her worst moment ever
Nittany's worst moment in her life was when her toenails were falling out she had to wear little pink socks on her feet and got THE CONE OF SH AME!!!!! Every dogs worst NIGHTMARE!!!!! She wouldn't even move she would just sit there staring at us it was so sad!!! :(
Nittany loves tricks, when you say "sit" she sits, when you say "down" she lies down, when you say "drop it" she drops whatever is in her mouth. when you throw a ball she gets it for you, when you say "up" she jumps, when you say "paw" she gives you her paw. My favorite trick she can do is army crawl she is on one side of the chair and a treat on the other she army crawls under the chair to get the treat. She also knows more tricks.
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