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Do TV and Video Games affect young people's behaviour?

GCSE Psychology lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Do TV and Video Games affect young people's behaviour?

Do TV and Video Games affect young people's behaviour?
The role of hormones & aggression
Let's read pages 96-97: Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun
Social Learning Theory
Let's read pages 98-99: Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun
Comparing theories
Let's read pages 100-101: Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun
What is our conclusion?
The role of the brain and aggression
Lets's read pages 94-95: Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun
All: biological theory, social learning theory, link between TV/Video games & aggression (C Grade)
Most: Compare and contrast biological and social theories (B Grade)
Some: Evaluate the two theories ( A Grades)

Sort definitions
Is aggression caused by our biology? Give arguments for a and against and conclude(5 marks)

What evidence is there that testosterone causes aggression?

Evaluate the strength and weakness of SLT (8 marks)


Make a table outlining similarities and differences between the two theories
Extra Time
Work your way through these lovely revision booklets that Malyun found
Ramirez et al - Culture & Aggression
Let's read again: Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun

What can we learn about gender and aggression from this study?

What can we learn about culture and aggression from this study?
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