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30 thing about Becca

30 things about me!!!!

Rebecca Schnack

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of 30 thing about Becca

my home i love to play basketball hanawalt elementary i play soccer turtles are my favorite animal where i went for vacation i like turtles 30 things about me, Becca Schnack i love to take pictures This is my dog Kiaser Izzy is one of my two cats ike is my cat my favorite background I play the flute this is my dad i am called little miss sunshine hersheys is my favorite candy bar my favorite song (for the moment) Katy Perry e.t. I love to listen to music i'm a chocoholic i hate bullies i don't like smoking becuase it is wrong i love to swim by:becca schnack i have an ipod my phone i want to go to Greece amelia earhart is my hero i love cookies THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!! 31: I HAVE A GHOST FRIEND I hope you enjoyed my prezi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my mom my favorite color is this type of blue these are some of my friends this is my sister i love to read i love the book invisible lines winter is my favorite
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