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Winter Storms

By Sadie, Helena, and Savanna

Sadie Jane

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Winter Storms

To prepare for a winter storm, you can get a few things that would come in handy. One of these things is a flashlight and extra batteries just in case the power goes out. A battery-powered weather and portable radio to receive important information will come in handy, too. Extra food and water is a definite need as well. High energy food, such as dried fruit or energy bars, and food requiring no cooking or refrigeration are the kinds you should use.Medicine, first-aid supplies, and heating fuel are also a must have. An emergency heating source, such as a fireplace, wood stove, space heater, etc might save your life in the event of a winter storm, too. Last, but not least, test units regularly to ensure they are working properly.
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Why Are Winter Storms Dangerous?
What Produces A Winter Storm?
Where And When Can A Winter Storm Form?
How Can You Prepare For A Winter Storm?
How Can You Stay Safe During A Winter Storm?
Winter Storms
By Sadie, Savanna, and Helena
A winter storm is a type of weather situation where the temperatures are lower than average, which causes frozen precipitation, such as snow, sleet, hail, and/ or freezing rain. These storms can be very windy, but do not have to be, and can cause power failures and other issues of the sort. A winter storm forms when two air masses meet, which is known as a front.
A winter storm is produced when two air masses meet that have different temperatures and moisture levels. These storms usually form in the US when dry, cold Canadian air meets with the air from the Gulf Coast that's moist and warm.
What Should You Do When The Winter Storm Is Over?
A winter storm forms typically in the winter months (hence the name winter storm), but can occur in early spring or in late fall. These storms typically form in the areas far away from the warm equator. The farther away from the equator you are, the colder and the more extreme the storm will be. These storms, of course, occur in the troposphere, where all weather on Earth happens.
First, check your property to see if it is in good condition, or is completely ruined. If it's in good condition, go inside. When you are inside, check for food and water. Then, warm yourself up by using a generator or building a fire. If your house isn't in good condition, go find shelter, and find it quick. Make sure the place where you find shelter has food and water, because these are, of course, two things we need to survive!
Winter storms are dangerous because they have many factors that humans and our technology aren't used to. For instance, winter storms can cause your body to go below its average temperature, which could lead to Hypothermia, and your body isn't used to the cold. Also, if there is a power failure, then you wouldn't be able to use the technology that would keep you warm, which could cause the Hypothermia. If the storm occurs on the mountain, then you are in more trouble. It could cause avalanches, and those can lead to trouble!
In the event of a winter storm, you should always stay inside, and try to stay warm, because the cold can kill you. You should also stay tuned on a weather radio so you know what is happening in your area, and so that you know if anything crazy is happening, or if the storm is almost over.

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My father at www.hangthemoonphoto.com took this picture
Winter Storms
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