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Staff CPD on using twitter in the classroom

Richard Williams

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Tweaching

ICT CPD 5th Feb Tweaching! Hash Tags A method of categorising the content of your message so that it can be searched for, or added to 'trends' (a list of all the current top things people are tweeting about) What is Twitter? Similar to text/instant messaging

Allows a maximum of 140 characters

Used to share statuses and breaking news (first hand accounts) Edu Tweeters to follow
@Innova8IT You follow others, they may follow you back if you're interesting enough! #ukedchat #hurricane #championsleague SPEAKING THE LINGO Verb: tweet

RT: retweet

#: hash tag DM: direct message

@: Send/Reply to tweet What could we tweet? Discuss in 2-3s and add your ideas to a post-it (or 2) Where are you on the continuum? Twitter Virgin Twitter Whore "Tweets are to literature as Lego is to architecture." It could be argued that students are reading more than ever with constant access to social media and other online material. However, we need to be concerned with the quality of what they are reading, opposed to how much. Alain de Botton, 2013
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