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Motiva a tus empleados!

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reyna Vidal Noble

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Motiva a tus empleados!

the motivation comes from within, feelings and needs
deeper individual that motivate us to a satisfaction

A person has different basic needs:
Physiological needs=Ability to acquire food, shelter, clothing.
Need for security= Work safety and security at work
Social needs= Contact and friendship with peers
Ego= Recognition and awards
self-realization= Realization of dreams, talents and potential
When basic needs are met, people are looking for another motivation to make continue driving them We must learn how to create a culture and a friendly working environment.
through a human approach, a fair and equitable treatment for all. To be able to motivate the employees we begin our motivation and be better managers.

Here are a few tips that will help you be a better administrator so that you can motivate your employees: If you are a Manager, supervisor or you would like to know how to motivate employees, then this is for you This is why each person is different because some material makes them tick and other the thirst of knowledge and shine in a society only Do not be angry
Don't be rude, unsympathetic, or cold
Not give conflicting employees instructions
Do not hide information
Careful about the welfare of your computer
Avoid taking responsibility for their actions
Is not going to conclusions without first see the facts
Do things at the moment that we do them
Be sensitive
Recognize efforts in public I want to motivate more to my employees, but
how can I do it? Things important to that you should not forget:
Share the objectives of the company with employees, to make them feel part of the family and to give an opinion on plans for future.
Make them feel employees who know of their existence, their needs and their abilities
Give the employee a greeting and recognize their efforts.
Motivate them according to the needs of each employee
I am an employee motivated and committed to their work!!
Made by:
Reyna del S. Vidal Noble Bibliography:
Chic Hospitality Consulting Services. (1999). Recuperado el 20 de Octubre de 2012, de http://www.easytraining.com/howto.htm
14 Management Do's and Don'ts to Motivate Employees. (30 de Diciembre de 2010). Recuperado el 20 de Octubre de 2012, de http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217801

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