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Writer's Voice

No description

Michael Hedges

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Writer's Voice

Give a statement to the police, who just arrived on the scene.

Don’t let pride get in the way of information

Don’t be misleading or dishonest

(i.e. “I am adamantly opposed to abortion” when you really haven’t considered the issue enough to know)


Don’t try to be someone/something you’re not

Find ways to make the assignment exciting

Control vocabulary, syntax, and attitude

Distinguish between formal and informal English

Finding your voice

Your “self” projected onto a page

Consists of style and tone
Style: arrangement and selection of words
Tone: overall attitude or feel of the piece

Voice is…

A baby crying

A love interest

A burning building

Holy cow Batman, what will we do?

One sunny day…

You’re a superhero

What are your powers?

I can be your hero baby!


Arrangement of words in a sentence

Avoid complex sentences

Keep each thought to itself

Don’t jump in at the deep end

Pick words to inform, not impress

Choice is situational :: get at true meaning

Most readers impressed by clarity, not big words


Who are you?

A writer’s voice

Your psychology

Your audience

Your purpose

What determines voice?

Now send an email about what happened to your best friend.

(the master of funk)


Party like it’s 1999

Let's find a voice.
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