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BORNE DIGITAL Books that Grow

No description

Petra Marjai

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of BORNE DIGITAL Books that Grow

“I wanted to learn
new vocabulary words
that I didn't know before”

Digital Books

Should NOT Be

Replicas of Print Books

“Amazing, fantastic”

All her students were engaged

Saved her time

Adaptive Assessment

Book-like User Experience
Competitive Advantage

Adaptive Text

7th Grade Version

5th Grade Version

Total K-12 Spend
on Instructional Materials: $47B

Books and Supplies includes text books, trade books, workbooks, and complementary materials
Data on digital content sales taken from the Software Information Industry Association 2013 Educational Technology Report
Data on print content sales taken from The Complete K-12 Report 20103 by Educational Market Research

Head of Content
Book Publisher
Curriculum Development
Frmr Teacher

Greg Kirmser

Head of Learning
Frmr Superintendent
Literacy Expert

Head of Product
Cognitive Neuroscientist
Software Developer

Daniel Fountenberry

Frmr Chief of Staff, ABC News
Education Sales
Frmr Teacher

Our Senior
Janine Caffrey, Ed.D.

Jason Buhle, Ph.D.

Alvin Crawford
CEO, Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.

Former SVP of Corporate Development and Marketing at Schoolnet
(sold to Pearson for$230M)

C. Jeffrey Wright

Largest African American-focused Christian education company

Sumita Singh

SVP of Corporate Marketing, Elsevier, Adjunct Professor Of Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business
Former SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development,
McGraw Hill Education

Vineet Madan

Our Advisors
User-specific experience
Social discovery
Borne Digital: Reading 3.0

Daniel Fountenberry
Founder, Borne Digital

5th grade version
7th grade version
Ms. Ellen Darensbourg
PS 241 Harlem
(sold to Apollo Global Management for $2.5B)
Reading 1.0
Reading 2.0
Reading 3.0
Uniform reading experience
Artificial intelligence
Personalzied support
Total Spend – Print & Digital
Instructional Materials 2012

Growth in Spending
Print vs. Digital 2012

Thank you
for your attention!

Daniel Fountenberry
March 2014

Multiple Genres
Intervention or Core Instruction
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