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The Weeknd.

Abel Tesfaye and his mysterious 23 years of life.

Anastasiya Varenytsya

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of The Weeknd.

The Weeknd.; Part 1 Abel Tesfaye, better known by stage name The Weeknd., was born on the 16th of February in 1990 to Ethiopian parents. Raised in Ontario, Canada, young Tesfaye listened to music genres of all sorts, ranging from soul to indie rock. The Weeknd. anastasiya varenytsya A mysterious individual indeed, Abel Tesfaye is currently a multi-talented artist engaging in producing, song writing, and singing. Only 23 years old, he has had a great deal of luck in the music industry, and will be expecting more success in the future. In The Mood for some Godzilla Abel Tesfaye's career originated in 2008 when he partnered with rapper Jesse Ray to create the Rap/RNB duo Bulleez N Nerdz. The group's first single, Godzilla, was
released the same year and became a
hit. Bulleez N Nerdz gained popularity
by performing at parties. At the same time,
Abel was working by himself on several mixtapes, soon to be released a year later. Do you hear some Noise? In July of 2008, Bullez n Nerdz and two other vocalists created a production/writing group, The Noise. Later they would create several demos for rap-artist, Drake. The first demo, Birthday Suit, was Abel's early work. It got around, and so did his other snippets. Tesfaye and The Noise had a Myspace, where they shared links of their songs for download. The songs hit the blogs like wild fire. Zodiac Signs A year later, Abel Tesfaye bumped into upcoming producer, Jeremy Rose (aka Zodiac) at a party. Rose had heard Abel Tesfaye's What You Need and invited him to make some "dark rnb" music. Tesfaye agreed and together the duo created three additional songs to What You Need: Loft Music, The Party & After Party, and The Morning. Drop the E The duo started gaining great online reputation. A mixtape was due to come out during Christmas 2010, but Rose and Tesfaye split because of "creative differences" before the mixtape could be released. Fortunately, producer Illangelo was interested in working with Abel. The WeekEnd On October 12, 2010, Jeremy Rose and Abel Tesfaye released What You Need under stage name, The WeekEnd. This lead up to Drake's introduction to the duo upon his Blog. On December 18th, Abel dropped the E from his stage name The WeekEnd. His official stage name came to be The Weeknd. The Weeknd.;
Part 2 On March 21, 2011 The Weeknd. released House of Balloons on his website. This was his first mixtape as The Weeknd. It featured a free download of 9 songs: high for this
what you need
house of balloons/ glass table girls
the morning
wicked games
the party & after party
coming down
loft music
the knowing The same year, Abel Tesfaye and Illangelo released another free mixtape, Thursday. Just like House of Balloons, 9 new songs were released on the 18th of August: lonely star
life of the party
the zone (ft DRAKE)
the birds pt 1
the birds pt 2
rolling stone
heaven or las vegas But that wasn't the end for the year of 2011! Four days before Christmas, The Weeknd. released his third free mixtape, Echoes of Silence. 9 songs available for download were featured: d.d. (MICHEAL JACKSON cover)
xo/ the host
same old song (ft JUICY J)
the fall
echoes of silence His Trilogy On November 9, 2012, Abel Tesfaye released his first album, Trilogy. It contained three cd's, all of his previous mixtapes. Three new singles - Twenty Eight, Valerie, Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) - were also released. This album was produced under the major label company, Republic. The Weeknd. signed to Republic in September 2012. The Future;
the upcoming Weeknd. The future holds many opportunities for Abel Tesfaye. His upcoming album, Kiss Land has no release date yet. But, The Weeknd. released the title name single, Kiss Land on his website in May. FUN FACTS first performance at The Mod Club - last hour and a half
dropped the E in The WeekEnd also to symbolize for him always being "Gone" from Ecstasy
crew called XO: x for ecstasy and o for oxycontin, his two favorite drugs
the single twenty eight has double meaning: one meaning referring to a girl he's not interested in having a relationship with, the other referring to welcoming his fans into his new life.
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