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Edmodo Prezi

EME2040-Group 8

Brooke Guerry

on 29 October 2016

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Transcript of Edmodo Prezi

Students must have access to internet
Program can be overwhelming at first (having another place to check for assignments)
No way to customize your profile
No real time chatting or IM
Because Edmodo is so similar to Facebook it can lead to inappropriate comments
All conversation is public there is no way to ask teacher private questions
Some students are not very tech savvy
Technology sometimes fails
Free mobile app allows for anytime/anywhere access
All files are found in one place in the Edmodo library
Work is turned in electronically so no lost papers
Calender with organized due dates
Sends reminder alerts to student for assignments, test, and quizzes
Allows parent interaction
Teaches proper netiquette
Student polls
Using Edmodo in the Classroom
Edmodo is simple and easy to use in the classroom. It creates a safe and secure environment for teachers and students to have anytime access to the classroom. Teachers create groups to allow student collaboration in and out of the classroom walls. Teachers can also create small groups for differentiated learning. Edmodo also has a new feature called Snapshot it allows teachers to assess the students on common core standards. Teachers can't view the micro-assessments before hand so they can not teach to the test. These assessments are auto graded and data is instantly organized and sent to the teacher. Edmodo makes it easier for teachers to grade students work all in one place there is no need for teachers to carry around tons of work. Edmodo also allows students and parents to share thoughts and interact with teacher through conversation. Teachers can add videos to show examples and tutorials if students need guidance. Edmodo offfers "Badges" given by teacher to the students as rewards.
What is Edmodo?
Edmodo is a perfect Web 2.0 software application that supports


Because the whole class is placed online, it is easy for students and teachers to connect with one another.

Teachers can post a discussion topic towards a group and here students can learn and interact about that topic. Thus, incorporating it into Social Constructivism and Connectivism.

Adding comments to these posts is a great way for students to learn from one another. They always say, "Two minds are better than one," so here there are plenty that they can take information from each other and help better comprehend the material.

Teachers and students can use the web to share links, videos, which allows to better educate the topic being shared among the class.

The use of the Internet allows users on Edmodo to upload recent current events to help stay updated and connect with one another.
The purpose of Edmodo is to build a learning environment online. Social Constructivism stresses the significance of interacting with others that way it can help he or she expand their knowledge and help them learn the new material. The goal for Connectivism is to encourage the use of technology and networks in order to better educate an individual. Therefore, the features on Edmodo falls into both of these learning theories because students and teachers are interacting online and keeping one another updated with the use of this social network.
Edmodo is typically known as the "Facebook" for schools. While the outside of each page looks similar to "Facebook," there is even more to see within that teachers and students can utilize.

Edmodo was created by educators to help teachers and students collaborate in a virtual classroom.
Edmodo is Simple and Easy to Use
Edmodo is a secure, internet environment that allows teachers and students to openly communicate through a message board.

Teachers can post assignments, tests, and quizzes into a "cloud-based" library that students can complete and submit online and access 24/7. Upon submission, students can instantly view their grade.
All student activity can be regularly monitored by the teacher including student interaction and communication through the message board.

Parents can also get connected by creating their own account to view their child's activity and any groups they are involved in.
Teachers can add any content to their personal library and they can share it with anyone.

Students can also create files and documents that they can share with teachers through many channels in the "cloud-based" environment.

Teachers can manage their content in folders and can organize folders into units. They can also share certain folders to specific groups or students.
Creating events:
Choose a date from the calender.
Provide a description of the event, confirm the date and choose your recipients.
Click "Create."
Adding Content: Includes images, videos, documents, and more.
Click "Add to Library."
When adding a file, select the "Files" tab and then click "Upload" to search your for your file on your computer.
When adding a website link, click "Link."
Creating Folders:
Click "New" under the library tab.
You will enter a "Folder Name" and check any groups you would like to share it with.
Click "Create."
Connecting with Teachers:
Connect with a teacher by going to their profile page and clicking "Add Connection." A request will be sent and the teacher will either accept or deny.
If you no longer want to connect with that teacher, revisit their profile page and click "Cancel Request" to undo your invitation.
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