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game genre

No description

H Johnston

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of game genre

game genre
racing games
sports games
puzzle games
you chose a car and race other drivers.
games incluced gran turismo 6, need for speed and mario kart
It's different types or categories of games such as sports games, puzzle games and race games
Games are Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong.
Challenges- jump to platform and not falling down holes, you collect coins and sometimes at the end you need to kill the boss.

To solve a problem to complete the level sometimes there is a time limit
games include candy crush Bejeweled and Tetris.
challenges- to play the sport some time in a team and win. their are lots of different sports games you can play.
games include Fifa, Wii Sport and Mario Power Tennis.
you hold a joystick in your hand and you use it for games. it has buttons on it and you use them to jump or shoot. some have arrow to move .
keyboard and mouse
you use a keyboard and a mouse to play games on the computer. you use the arrow to move. you use the space bar to jump or shoot. you use the mouse to look around.
motion sensor
to control the game you need the move it and there is an A button and a and 123 numbers they are wireless and they have a charger.
touch screen
touch screen they are like iPads and phones and you put your finger on it and it moves about.
a joystick is were you use it in your hand and you use it for airplane games.
my favorite game is stick hero
stick hero is were you have to get the person to the other side and there is different levels.
my favorite game is also dont touch the spikes
it is were you tap bird and you have to avoid the spikes if you land on the spikes it will kill the bird
my favorite games is fruit ninja
it is were you have to slice the fruit and you have to avoid the bombs otherwise you will have to start again. there is different levels as well .
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