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The Gospel According to Larry

No description

Katie Krasno

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The Gospel According to Larry

Double click anywhere & add an idea Author: Janet Tashjian Janet Tashjian is the
author of two additional
novels. The titles are
"Tru Confessions" and
"Multiple Choice." These
books were so good that
they were put on the list
for the best books for
teenage readers. Characters

The Gospel
According to
Larry Setting The setting of The Gospel According
to Larry is taking place during the
the school year. It is almost summer and all the kids are excited to get out of school. To them that means that there is no more school. For Josh and Beth, however, that means going to the Larryfest. That is another important location during the novel because it is the location where everybody eventually finds something out about LARRY! Intro to Rising Action One day, when Josh had just started
his Larry website, he was communicating
with many different people. No one was
trying to figure out his identity.There
was one person that Josh/Larry was not
expecting to encounter. This person was
hiding behind a screen name. Josh is
afraid that this person (Betagold) is
going to find out who he is and his
secret will no longer be a secret. This
is very frustrating for Josh/Larry and
he is trying to find a way to keep his
identity a secret. He goes to the
Larryfest and in his sermon it says
he will be wearing a t-shirt and a
smile. That is what gave him away
to a "certain someone" whom he was helping. The main characters in
the story. Josh /Larry is the
protaganist in the
novel. Peter is the stepfather
of Josh. He was married
to Josh's mother before
she died. Beth is Josh's best friend.
Josh is secretly in love
with her and tries to tell
her that through his Larry
sermons. Characters
The minor characters
in the story. Todd is the former
boyfriend of Beth.
He loves meat and
is a football jock Ms. Phillips is the
guidance counciler
for Josh at his
high school. Betagold is the person
that is trying to out
Larry. She is saying
that Larry is a wimp for
not giving his identity. Character Trace Josh Swensen/Larry:
Josh is the dynamic character
in this novel. He is the one that
is trying to help people and change
the world using the name of Larry.
He changes during the process of reading
the novel by the way he reacts to the revealing
of Larry. Josh/Larry was all about helping people
and changing the world. Well, he decided to stop
giving that advice when Larry was no longer "Larry."
So,instead of standing up and admitting it, he pretende to commit suicide. He was all mature when he was giving
his advice to other people. However, he is not brave enough to stand up and say he was the one that wrote them. Climax The Larryfest is probably
the most important part of
this novel because Josh/Larry
is at the fest and no one knows it
but Betagold. Josh helps Betagold
he is not aware of this until Betagold
shows up at his house and asks Josh if he is
finally going to admit that he is Larry. Falling Action and
Resolution The biggest example is when
Josh pretends to commit suicide
and dyes his hair to look
like a completely new person. Josh
has to run away and try to make people
believe that he is someone he is not. He had to live a completely new life without getting caught. Another thing is when he was gone he had to think of a foolproof plan that he could use when he came back to make people think that he was not lying about being dead. He was hoping that by the time he came back, all of the commotion would just go away. I think the theme of this
novel is wisdom and knowledge. These are the
themes because Josh had to have wisdom and knowledge to
give advice and have it mean something to all the
people who took his advice. One reason why this was so effective
is because Josh had figured out had figured out the type of
people he reached before he went to Larryfest. Reaction My reaction to this novel
is simple, never judge a book by
its cover! I may seem like a weird
book because of its title, but
it really is an amazing book.
I would recomend it to any teenager
who is looking for an interesting and funny
book to read not just for fun but also for
inspiration. Theme
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