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Music History

No description

Cameron Vile

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Music History

Music History Renaissance Baroque Classical Music Through the Ages Romantic 20th Century 1400-1600 Two main areas: Italy & northern Europe The word renaissance means re-birth Josquin des Prez Giovanni Palestrina 1450-1521 1526-1594 The music from this era was sacred and secular. Most of it was used for religious purposes. 1580-1750
Gilded Age This period composers wrote music for rich patrons. They also wrote music for the church under very strict guidelines. This time also was when there was a lot of tension between the Catholic Church and the Protestants Johann Sebastian Bach
1658-1750 George Friederich Handel
1685-1759 Antonio Vivaldi
1678-1741 From Germany and known for writing toccatas and fugues. Moved all over Europe. Born in Germany, moved to be a student in Italy, and moved and died in London. Best known for The Messiah which features the Hallelujah Chorus. From Italy and is best known for his piece The Four Seasons. 1720-1830 This period took place during the Enlightenment. Franz Josef Haydn
1732-1809 Ludwig van Beethoven
1770-1827 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756-1791 The teacher of both Mozart and Beethoven He went completely deaf by the age of 39, but still continued to compose music after he lost his hearing. He died at the age of 35. He started composing at the age of 5 and performing professionally at the age of 6! He was a child prodigy. 1820-1900 This period was about being in touch with nature, exploring the supernatural, and using human imagination. Tchaikovsky
1840-1893 Wagner
1813-1883 Frederick Chopin
1810-1849 Richard Strauss
1864-1949 A sickly person who avoided public performances and yet was a very famous composer. Composer of ballets. Famous for writing Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker. Born in Germany and known for his operas. Born in Munich. He was a crossover composer from the Romantic period to the Modern of 20th Century style music. 1900-Present Orchestra vs. Pop Orchestral Pop Igor Stravinsky Tin Pan Alley This is the place where located in NY, NY where pop music was composed for decades up until the 1960s. Jazz Country Bluegrass Blues Folk Dave Mathews Band B.B. King Rock & Roll Elvis Presley Miles Davis Beach Boys The Beatles 1960s 1950s Little Richard 1970s KISS Lynyrd Skynyrd Queen 1980s 1990s 2000s Van Halen Journey Micheal Jackson Nirvana N Sync Brittney Spears Linkin Park Green Day
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