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Paris is the blame for the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet.

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alicia garcia

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Paris is the blame for the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet.

Paris's character traits
Paris is at fault.
Paris is too eager.
We believe that Paris is to blame because he is to eager to marry Juliet, he is clueless, and he is presumptuous towards Juliet.
Nurse character traits
Alisha Garcia, Erik Tequianez, Alan Tequianez
Paris is the blame for the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet.
He is clueless.
He is presumptuous towards Juliet
Raised Juliet her whole life.
" Let me come in you shall know my errand i come from lady Juliet". pg 145 line 91-93

"when it did taste the warmwood on the nipple of my dug and felt it bitter pretty fool,to see it tetchy and fall out with the dug!" pg 37 line 35-37

"here is a ring she bid me give you sir, hie yo, make haste, for it grows very late" pg 151 line 180-181

others may think that the nurse is at fault because she is a hypocrite, bad advice, and too angry. They are wrong because the nurse raised Juliet her whole life, she is helpful, and she is cooperative.
Paris: He is too eager
"these time of woe afford no time towoo madam, goodnight commend me to your daughter." pg 153 line 8-10

"My lord, i would that Thursday were tomorrow." pg 155 line 32
"do not deny to him that you love me. " (Paris) pg 177 line 28

" i will confess to you that i love him." (Juliet) pg 177 line 29

"thy face is mine, and thou hast slandered it" pg 177 line 40

" god shield disturb devotion! Juliet, on thursday early will i rouse ye. till then aldieu, and keep this holy kiss. " pg 179 line 47
Paris: Presumptuous towards Juliet
Paris acts like him & Juliet are married already. Also, Paris bosses around Juliet. It showed her how much she didn't want to be with him.
Paris: Clueless
Reasoning/ Explanation:
He wants to marry Juliet already and trying to get the Capulets to push the wedding sooner. Because she didn't want to marry Paris that she was already married to Romeo.
Therefore, we believe that Paris is the fault for the death of Romeo & Juliet because he was rushing the marriage, he was acting like him and Juliet were married already, and he was clueless.
If I were you I would read the book to figure out everything for yourself.
He doesn't see that Juliet doesn't like or love him that she loves Romeo. & He is still forcing her to marry him. This shows that she doesn't want to be with him that she only wants to be with Romeo, but Paris doesn't see that she is in love with someone else.

This quote is showing that the nurse is being helpful because she is going to talk to friar Lawrence to help Romeo & Juliet get married. This show that she is helpful because she is helping Romeo and Juliet get married.
this quote shows that the nurse has raised Juliet since she was a child because she would breast fed her.
This show that she has been there for her when her mother was not.
this quote shows that she is cooperative because shes helps Romeo & Juliet get married by giving him the ring & talking to him about what is happening.
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