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Goal Setting

No description

amanda evans

on 25 May 2012

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Transcript of Goal Setting

Goal Setting vocabulary and phrases
Thank you for your attention!
I will practice more outside of class.

I will study my textbook more.

I will practice more with my friends.
Goal setting
Long term
Score a goal
Play the piano
Lose weight
Study English
Travel to New York City
What is he doing?
What is his goal?
Picture Goals
1)Semester 7) Improve
2)Speaking 8) Patience
3)Overcome 9) Determination
4)Barrier 10) Prevented
5)Solution 11) Pronunciation
6)Achieving 12) Brainstorm
He wants to score a goal.
What are your English Language goals?
What are some of your barriers?
I do not have enough time to study.

I do not understand my classwork.

I do not practice enough with native speakers.
Problem Solving
1)Students are able to write sentences about goal setting.

2.Students will use problem solving skills to create solutions about overcoming different barriers.
Picture Goals
Where is he?
What is he looking at?
What is his goal?
Picture Goals
He wants to travel to New York City.
Picture Goals
What do you want to improve?

What are some of your goals for this semester?

What are some of your long term goals?
What does the phrase mean "problem solving?"

How do you usually solve a problem?
I want to improve my pronunciation.

I want to increase my vocabulary.

I want to read more challenging English books.
Examples of English Language Goals
Here's to the crazy ones.
What is goal setting?

What are some examples of goal setting?
Goal Setting
Picture Goal Answers
Who did you recognize?

What are some of their goals?
She wants to lose weight.

They want to dance.
He wants to read.

She wants to play the piano.
Answers to Picture Goals.
Answers to Picture goals
What is goal setting?

What is one of your English goals?

What is one of your barriers?

What is one of your solutions?
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