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Let's web using Rails

know more about rails..!

omar ezz

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Let's web using Rails

Sublime! Sublime text 2
is an awesome editor for real.!

Let's try it..! I'm Omar Ezz :) Let's Web using Rails A software engineer and i pay almost
ma time on the swirl of coding..!

Coder on the morning for living..
And such a ninja at night for fun.!

Find me there at twitter: @om4rezz

Nice to meet you, all :) Ruby on Rails (Rails 3) >> What is Ruby?
>> And what is on Rails?!

## The good Web Framework..!

>> Is Rails a good one?! Rails and MVC. >> What is MVC?!

>> Scaffolding rocks..!!

>> Give yourself a kick when starting ;) Rails Encourages Agility # Individuals and interactions over process and tools.
# Working software over comprehensive documentation.
# Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
# Responding to change over following a plan.
# Less software.
# Convention over Configuration.
# Don't repeat yourself. It's time for a fly project, now.! Umm.! But, Where to code ruby on rails?!
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