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The Goddess of Sunshine

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of The Goddess of Sunshine

She could take over as ruler of the Olympians because she could help everybody in case they are cold, or hot. Also so she can give them light to see.
The Goddess of Sunshine's only weaknesses are rain and clouds because they can cover up the sun so she can't use her powers.
The goddess of sunshine is significant in the 21st century because with out her there would be no light or heat.
The Goddess of Sunshine
By: Emma

My goddess represents something positive. She can make it light and she can warm the earth with the sun.
The sun is the goddesses symbol. She can make the weather warmer or colder. She can also make it lighter or darker.
The Sun
The sun represents how the Goddess of sunshine can control the sun.
The Goddess of Sunshine's family connections are Apollo and Hera because Apollo uses horses to move the sun. Also, Hera take care of the young and the Goddess of sunshine is very caring.
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