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MEHB's Migration From Mars to Egypt

No description

Bethany Stewart

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of MEHB's Migration From Mars to Egypt

MEHB's Migration From Mars to Egypt
Week One
We have found quail, geese and flamingos. Also animals we plan to capture and keep such as camels, horses, and fennec. There are also dangers like wolfs, scorpions, crocodiles by the water. We are going to hunt gazelles and water buffaloes.
Even though we don't have a lot of trees for shade, we have plenty of Aloe Vera plants and wild figs. Now we have collected and begun farming flax, rice, and corn which grows well here.
No matter where you look, North, South, East or West, there is sand everywhere! Tons of sand duns and rock.
Lucky for us, we are near the lovely Nile River where we can get all the water we need.
Week Twenty
The weather has cooled down quite a bit to the high 60s during the day because we are in the winter season. Sand storms are brutal so we've built a barrier around the town, which has given many of our people jobs.
We've used so many different resources such as the sand to create homes and walls. Also, the Papyrus, figs, corn, rice, flax and Aloe Vera. The best part is the river that is easily accessible.
For transportation, we use camels for long distances or large hauls and horses for the day-to-day needs. The horses are also helpful for hunting because of their speed.
Week Forty
Sadly, we have encountered an earthquake, wildfires in our farms, landslides, and oddly enough a volcanic eruption. The sand storms have taken down our barrier and we are currently going through a drought.
We have decided that it's in our best interest to trade with Coramandan copper for silk for our clothes and AH-1776 oil for wood and bamboo.
Our water and vegetation supply have proven to be our most valuable resources. Other than having enough food and water to survive, we have flax that has proven to be a great way to make clothing. Also with the sun beating on us all day the Aloe Vera has saved many of our people from terrible sun burns.
Week Fifty-Two
Over the past year we have determined that Cairo, Egypt us a suitable and survivable place. The Martians in Pod MEHB have grown to love area and all that it has to offer. We have ran into some rough spots but we have adapted to them and we have had an increased survivability rate. We hope you see just how much this place has to offer and see through its sandy exterior!
1st Things First
When we arrive, we will eat the fruits, vegetables, and the animals that are in our region. We will drink from the Nile, which is near by.
To sleep we will make sand beds and use animal hides(gazelle) as our covers.
The climate is hot during the day and very cool during the night.
We will wear animal hide and make linen from the flax plant that grows by the Nile.
Aloe Vera
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