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Parkview Baptist School

Formative Presentation

Marsha Perron

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Parkview Baptist School

Presentation Parkview Baptist School Parkview Baptist School is located at the corner of Airline and Jefferson Highway at 5750 Parkview Church Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70816.
The high school office is located on the second floor in building C. This is the same building where preschool and kindergarten classrooms are housed.
The elementary school office is located on the first floor in the elementary school building. This building is adjacent to the football field and next to the elementary playground.
The middle School office is located on the second floor in building B near the church sanctuary.
The school is bordered on the west side by Airline Highway, one of Baton Rouge’s main thoroughfares. On its north side is several businesses and to the east is Resthaven Cemetery. The south side is bordered by Jefferson Highway and several BREC parks. Student Population Social organization Physical environment
•PBS offers a wide range of Fine Arts for students in all grades with diverse visual and performing arts
•In an effort to increase physical activity, elementary students take part in a developmentally appropriate PE program every day.
•Teachers try to help the students develop life-long skills of teamwork and cooperativeness.
•Importance is placed on exercise, basic skill development and group activities.
•The elementary students also participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.
•Also, the jump-rope team begins in second grade.
•The middle school division encourages students to experience a variety of sports. A wide range of athletic teams are offered to both boys and girls, including football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, swimming, cross-country, soccer, tennis and wrestling.
•PBS is a member school of the LHSAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) and competes as a division 3-A school in the Woodlawn school district. Chronic Diseases/Behavioral Disorders
Kidney Ds.
ADHD Population Health No Families with Medicaid
Urgent Care Health Care Organizations (Per Nurse)
Poor Nutritional Choices (lunches are extra; parents send/bring fast foods for lunch)
No programs to help children/parents to make healthy choices
school lunches with increased fat, decreased fiber, increased sugar, extra large portions
Stomach/headaches before lunch
Playground Injuries Biggest Health Problems Among Related To Risk Of Among Related To Composition of Households
1 - 3 children
Majority Single Parent
"Who do I call?" Staph Infections
Viral Infections
Strep Infection
Otitis Media Routine visits and check-ups
Some refuse vaccinations
If outbreak (MMR, Varicella, etc.) must leave school until resolved
LINKS Data base universal card Private PCP/Dentists
Increase in drugs (population has more money to buy drugs) Drug Epidemics Disease Vectors Head Lice (most common)
5 - 6 x week Mosquito Bites Top 5 Infections Risk of Injury among elementary school-aged children related to natural activity levels and playground equipment Risk of lack of nutrition among students related to lack of knowledge about healthy food choices. Risk of poor performance among students with headaches/stomachaches before lunch related to poor food choices made before school Health Views/Beliefs Some Jehovah Witnesses
No Accupuncture
No Homeopathic Zachary Prairieville Plaquemine Gonzales Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas Transportation is mostly family vehicles. There is city bus transit in the area but it is not used. Many of the students come from other outlying communities by way of carpool. No school buses!
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