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Business Discovery in the Public Sector

Presentation written for Business Discovery World Tour, 22nd November 2011

David Bolton

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Discovery in the Public Sector

Unique capabilities delivering
value in the Public Sector Summary UK Public Sector: 250 clients NHS Case Study: Dr Gareth Goodier CEO Cambridge University Hospitals Savings equivalent to 25% of bed capacity
Reduced clinical variation
Enhanced staff retention
Improved patient outcomes

"The potential to save the NHS £5 Billion"

130 NHS Trusts now using QlikView FORCE PERFORMANCE – Map view for Force, Local Policing Unit and Ward.

FORCE DASHBOARD - daily health check of the Force
DMM - Daily Management Meetings (DMM). 7 Day analyse & 24 hours
PERFORMANCE TRACKER - Crime, Incidents and Detections.
STAFF PERFORMANCE - complete workforce analysis - training / skills / rostas Annual productive time savings of £150,000
Budgetary information is now available at any time during the month
Procurement reports provide supporting evidence to identify further procurement efficiencies and KPI information
Budget holders have greatly improved information for managing their budgets Rewriting aging intranet applications, moving away from sloth development (html, JavaScript, ASP)
Using QlikView to error‐spot, aiding operational data cleansing and to facilitate HESA dataset checks
Expand to use other datasets; money, staff, research, balanced score‐card Business discovery => empowering staff
QlikView turns data into information
Analysis at the 'speed of thought'
Direct financial savings in reporting and data analysis
Indirect savings through improved process and performance
Simplifies decision making at all levels with accurate, timely and trusted information Local Government case study: Two main objectives;
Improve the spend analysis tools available to the team
Ensure the use of data is embedded within the partnership The new functionality and analysis available has enabled projects with total estimated savings of £3,090,000 to be delivered in 2010 / 11 The estimated forecast
savings from these projects
over the next 5 years
totals over £24,000,000. Currently within the system there are
 2,000,000 transaction lines
 £1,500,000,000 spend
 37,000 suppliers
 8 partners
 99% of spend classified
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