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13 colonies graphic organizer

Made By: Anahi Berlanga and David Mariscal

david mariscal

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of 13 colonies graphic organizer

13 Colonies
Graphic Organizer New England Middle Atlantic
Colonies Southern Colonies Physical Geography Economic
Activities Other
Features Physical
Geography Economic
Activities Other
Features Physical
Geography Economic
Activities Other
Features .Maine
.New Hampshire
.Road Island .New Jersey
.New York
.Delaware .Georgia
.South Carolina
.North Carolina
.Maryland new englaned has alot of mountains
and it is very cold New England Colonies Their economy was based on fishing,ship building,cash crops,farming,and trading in new england
thre was slavery .Mild Climate
than other
Colonies .main source of food:
Rice,wheat,vegetables,ect. .Good soil, crops
Grow Faster
Manufacturing: making things by hand or by machine Some countries
,Besides England,
That were in the
British Empire
were Wales, Scotland,
and parts of Ireland. Much of the land areas that would become the middle colonies was settled by the Dutch and was known as New Netherland until the British exerted control over the region .very hot climate.
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