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Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy


on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

ch. 12
Lizzie Bright and the Buckmister Boy
Chapter 4
The action starts when Turner and Lizzie are throwing a baseball with a glove along the shore of Phippsburg. Lizzie really enjoys being able to catch the ball with a glove because she has never done it before. Later, they were catching clams for Reverend Bright (Lizzie's grandfather)
Chapter 5
In this chapter, Lizzie gets very hurt on the shore with Turner, and they need to go home to Malaga. As Turner tries to take her home, he realises that he cant. Turner sails back to Phippsburg with Lizzie and comes upon a whale. He was terrified that the whale would kill or hurt him, but he then realized that the whale would not hurt or kill him, so he embraces the fact that he just met a whale.
Chapter 7
To Turner's surprise Mrs. Cobb, although she is suprised, is seemingly okay with the fact that someone like Lizzie is in her house. Also, Turner finds out that Mrs. Hurd had been sent to an insane asylum.
Chapter 6
Turner's dad told him that Malaga Island was forbidden so he stayed away from it. He became very bored without Lizzie around with him all of the time. Later on, Mrs. Cobb makes Turner play his organ for her. Lizzie and Turner meet up again and they decide to go to Mrs. Cobb's house to listen to Turner play his organ,
Chapter 8
This chapter starts out with Mr. Stonecrop telling Reverend Buckminster about a newspaper article that is an interview of Mr. Tripp. In this article, it states that the people of Malaga are being forced to leave their houses, which is all true. As Turner listens to their conversation, he then yells, "The Tripps!". This makes matters worse, and they continue to bicker about tourism in Malaga. Turner plays organ for Mrs. Cobb,waiting for Lizzie, but she never came. When Mrs. Cobb asks why, he finally admits to her his real feelings about how the people of Phippsburg are being quite mean for no reason, and then Mrs. Cobb admits to Turner that she likes Lizzie very much. Turner and Mrs. Cobb have a heart to heart, and then Mrs. Cobb tells him to go find Lizzie and fight for her. He finds her. After talking for a while, Lizzie begins to ball in Turner's arms. They go and visit Lizzie's father in bed, and opened clams. After Turner gets home, he plays a baseball game with Deacon Hurd. Getting back to his house, he realizes that Willis Hurd is repainting Mrs. Hurd's shudders yellow. Turner then paints with Willis.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

The main character Turner moves to Phippsburg, Maine from Boston due to his Fathers new Ministry job. He meets the people of Phippsburg at a picnic. At the picnic, he ate and conversed with everybody. He was invited to play baseball and he was immediately intimidated by a young man named Willis Hurd. He was made a fool because back at Boston, they played baseball a completely different way. Turner, Willis, and a few other boys were jumping off of a ledge into the water, but Turner was too scared to do it. This made the other boys not like him. The chapter ends with Turner ,his father, and other men scoping out the land of Malaga to see if it would be a good place for tourists.
By: Matthew O'Stricker, David Coleman, Annabelle Didier, Kelly Verzi
Chapter 3
In this chapter, it began with Turner's father yelling at him because he is an embarrassment to Phippsburg. Because of this, Turner needs some alone time, and ends up at the shore of Phippsburg. While he is there, Turner meets Lizzie. He is on the shore throwing a rock and hitting it with driftwood. Lizzie calls him an idiot, and that is how the frendship began. After talking and playing for a while, Turner heads bck home.
Chapter 10
Turner tells Lizzie that she can
live in Mrs. Cobb's house, even though
Mr. Stonecrop and all of Phippsburg don't want him to
own the house. Reverend Bukminster knew what they were doing to Malaga Island was wrong. Due to his decision, the amount
of parishioners decreased. Lizzie gets sent to an insane asylum
because Phippsburg still does not want Lizzie to be in their town.
Turner and his father were very upset, so they beat the sheriff that put Lizzie in jail up.
Chapter 12
Turner is all alone now, he has to find a way to cope with his losses, so he tells Willis about the whales.

Turner is forced to read
to an old cranky lady named
Mrs. Cobb due to the fact that he threw rocks at her house. While on a break from reading to her, he fights Willis because he was being mean due to the fact that Turner didn't know how to swing a baseball bat properly and he also didn't jump of the cliff.
It was now October in Phippsburg, and Turner goes to the shore every day now. He realizes that day by day the houses of Malaga are disappearing . As winter came, Mrs. Cobb was slowly fading, but still Turner played organ for her. One day, when Lizzie came over to listen, Mrs. Cobb had been completely stiff. As Lizzie had spoken to her for one of the first time, Mrs. Cobb tried to say her last words. As Lizzie and Turner bickered about what to write for her last words, Mrs. Cobb spoke up, she hadn't died. Then, Mrs Cobb tells them, "Oh hell it's hot in here, get me a ginger-ale," these had been her last words. Mrs. Cobb died. Turner debated with himself whether to use these as her last words at her funeral, he did. At the funeral, Reverend Buckminster was supposed to use these word, but did not.
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
This chapter begins when Turner goes to a deacons meeting, because his father had been so brutally beaten by the fight to attend. Turner's father had been bed ridden. In this meeting Turner realises that his father was about to be asked to leave the church. Turner's mother decides that they will be moving into Mrs. Cobb's house. Turner had been going to the shore every day now, and Willis would be there too. They would have a short conversation and skip rocks together. After being sick and weak for a while, Turner's father dies. At his funeral, Turner speaks up against all of the wrong done to his father and the people of Malaga. After Turner's moving speach, a family stands up and applauds him. The man who led this family Mr. Newton helped Turner with moving into Mrs. Cobb's house. One day, while he is helping Turner, Turner asks him to take him to the insane asylum to see Lizzie. At this insane asylum, Turner learns heartbreaking news, Lizzie had died.
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