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Freya Evangelista

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Badminton

Badminton was developed in the mid-1800s in British India. Badminton was originally called battledore (the paddle) and shuttlecock. Its name then changed to badminton after the British added a string net to the paddle instead of just solid wood.
Skills Required to play
Proper grip on racket
How to play
Physical and Mental Training
Set Goals for yourself
Enjoy playing
Cooperate with your team
Strength training
Equipment involved
+ Cost
Lines of the court + Serving
Scoring system
Top 3 badminton players : Singles, Men,Women, Doubles
Professional badminton is mostly dominated by Asian players, especially those from China. In Europe the badminton powerhouse is Denmark, as they have players in some of the top 3 categories.
1. Chong Wei LEE - Malaysia
2. Taufik HIDAYAT - Indonesia
3. Dan LIN - China
The Top 3: Mens singles badminton
Chong Wei LEE
Top 3 women's singles
1. Shixian WANG - China
2. Yihan Wang - China
3. Xin Wang - China
Shixian Wang
1. Mathias BOE/Carsten MOGENSEN - Denmark
2. Jae Sung JUNG/Yong Dae LEE - Korea
3. Kien Keat KOO/Boon Heong TAN - Malaysia
Top 3 Mens doubles

1. Wen Hsing CHENG/Yu Chin CHIEN - Chinese Taipei
2. Xiaoli WANG/Yang (F) YU - China
3. Maeda Miyuki/Satoko SUETSUNA - Japan
The Top 3 women's doubles
Each time you win a rally you/your team score(s) a point
1. Nan ZHANG/Yunlei Zhao - China
2. Sudket PRAPAKAMOL/Saralee THOUNGTHONGKAM - Thailand
3. Joachim Fischer NIELSEN/Christinna PEDERSEN - Denmark
The first person to reach 21 points wins
Top 3 mixed doubles pairs
In order to win you must have a 2-point lead but 30 points is the limit.
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In doubles the same rules apply; when one person scores a point it counts for the pair.
Playing badminton regularly can decrease the chance of blood vessels clogging, heart attacks, and strokes. Badminton can also help you lose weight and stay fit.
Server and receiver are diagonally across from each other
When you lose a really the serve goes to the other side
Warming up before play is important and will reduce the chances of muscle and joint injuries.
Don't overwork yourself when you play as it can cause exhaustion and therefore increase your chances of getting hurt.
Professional Rackets usually cost about $100-$300

Christina Qu & Freya Evangelista
Badminton in Victoria
Badminton Victoria is an organization that allows youth in the community to play badminton and develop skills in the sport.
You can sign up for a course with the program that will help you learn the game or improve you own existing skills.
Courses are usually 5-7 sessions ranging from $48-$105.
Badminton Victoria has its own website that includes contact information and course schedules and descriptions.
British India
The first set of official badminton rules was published by the Badminton Association of England in 1983
The Badminton Association of England also started the first badminton competition in the world; the All England Open Badminton Championships.
In order to improve and play badminton you must stay healthy be choosing the right food to eat.

dairy products
Vitamins + Minerals

Drink Water
good timing
have good awareness
Fruits and vegetables
Badminton Racket
Price: $60 - $150
Racket Strings
Regular Price: $9.00
Regular Price: $10 - $20
Most Common Injuries
Sprained ankle
Achilles Tendonitis
Tennis elbow
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