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Benjamin Franklin

No description

JR Reed

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father
By: Chris Banson & J.R. Reed

Benjamin Franklin
The Signing
The Declaration

During the American Revolution, he served in the Second Continental Congress and helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He also negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War (1775-83).
Ben stands alone as the one person to have signed all four documents which helped to create the United States: the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France (1778), the Treaty of Peace between England, France, and the United States (1782), and the Constitution (1787).
Finally the colonies went to war against England because of the Stamp, Townshend, and Intolerable Act in 1775.
Reasons for the Declaration of Independence
People should not have to pay taxes unless they have representatives that speak for them about taxes.
Before the signing
Franklin had always had hope for a solution that would let Britain Keep control over the colonies. But a number of events came to change Benjamin Franklins mind.
When Benjamin Franklin returned to Philadelphia in 1775 his opinion of America having independence was fully formed.
The War
The war began as a war between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies but ended up as a war with several Great European powers involved.
The Revolutionary War started on Wednesday, April 19, 1775 and ended on Wednesday, September3 , 1783.
The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783.
After several drafts, Congress approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The document was not signed until August, when Benjamin Franklin signed his name with the fifty-five other representatives of the thirteen colonies.

For Ben Franklin, Declaration of Independence was the first of four documents he would sign that together gave birth to the United States of America.
Purpose of the Declaration
The Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, which said that the 13 American colonies regarded themselves as independent states, and no longer a part of the British Empire.
We weren't free from Britain. After we signed the Declaration, we were part of a long and bloody war that lasted another 7 years.
After the Signing of the Declaration
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