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A2 Target Audience Reseach

No description

Jacob Geldard

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of A2 Target Audience Reseach

Target Audience Research
UK Short Film Festivals
Edinburgh International Film Festival

Cambridge Film Festival

The Times bfi London Film Festival

Encounters International Short Film Festival (merger of Brief & Animated Encounters)

Seagate Foyle Film Festival

Raindance Film Festival

Leeds International Film Festival

Encounters International Short Film Festival

Manchester International Film Festival

London Short Film Festival

Specialist UK Film Festivals
The Birds Eye View Festival


Cambridge International Super 8 Festival

London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival


Sheffield Doc/Fest
Key Festivals I Selected
Raindance Film Festival
Cambridge Film Festival
London Short Film Festival
The Birds Eye View Festival
International Short Film Festivals
Hamburg International Short Film Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

NY Shorts Fest

Short Shorts Film Festival

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival

Vienna Independent Shorts

Miami Short Film Festival

Tia Short Film and Video Festival

LA Short Film Festival
The Raindance Film Festival offers awards to film-makers in the following featur length catgorys;

Best International Feature
Best U.K. Feature
Best Debut Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Feature Film of the Festival

And the following short film catagory;

Best International Short
Best U.K. Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Animated Short
Short Film of the Festival
Internet Exhibition and Consumption
YouTube and VIMEO
How do these festivals promote themselves?
Facebook adds
Twitter pages

What demographic are they targeted at?
Birds eye view is a festival for woman filmmakers. The audience for it was 68% female and 32% male showing that a female audience is attracted to female filmmakers. And that the use of only female filmmakers was not only to celebrate female talent in the film industry but to attract a female audience.
The Cambridge Film Festival was set up the very best in international short film so naturally has an international audience and a audience of film buffs that watch and appreciate international film. The festival also aims to show films that may have been ignored by the majority of the short film audience and critques. Showing these types of film attracts an audience that wants to see something different, whether that be an international film or a film that hasn't been shown to a wide audience. An audience that is interested in being made to think by a film is a highly educated one. This reenforced by the international part of the festival as highly educated people are the kind of people would like to found out about the culture of others through film.
London Short Film Festival states on its website that it is a 'UK showcase for cutting-edge UK independent film.' They say they are renown for 'daring cross arts programming' and that they display raw British talent old and young. The festival is rather large achieving vast audiences making it a significant date in the film calender. And the festival is growing every year taking on more films, creating more training events and getting the highest quality venues. Critiques also rate the festival highly. AN established short film festival like this is going to get an established short film audience. AN established short film audience is usually one the knows a lot about film, they also tend to be highly educated as the niche nature of short film attracts intellectuals. But as the film festival shows British films it is also targeting a British audience. The style of the website also shows that they are for a niche audience also with the use of different, creative font and style. This only attracts an audience of film buffs more as they are looking for something different, something that makes them think.
What is the submission process?
The Camberidge Film Festival like many others has catagorys. The three catagorys you can enter a film under are; Feature, Documentry and Short. Each of these has a specific criteria and might even have a different deadline for submission than the others. Like most other festivals there is a submission fee and a submission for the film-maker. Although there is a deadline this deadline for submissions is oftern extended for one reason or an other. The Raindance Film Festival submission process opens only a few weeks after the previous festival has finished to give filmmakers as much time as possible to submit their work.
What festivals could i submit my short film to?
I searched the following criteria in the festival directory;

Running time of 5 minutes
Social realism genre
Fiction, linear, narrative.
- Rushes Soho Shorts Festival
- The End of the Pier Festival
- The London Short Film Festival
- Kinofilm, Manchester International Film Festival
- Raindance Film Festival
- Celtic Media Festival
- Cornwall Film Festival
- Salford Film Festival
- Co-operative Young Film-makers Festival
- BFI London Film Festival

How are they organised and promted?
They use very similar social media promotion as the UK festivals to promote themselves. They also use kickstarter, which is a way that those whole a product or event can give money to help see that product or event made or done properly.
Sundance Film Festival (Utah, USA)
NY Short Fest (New York, USA)
Vienna Independent Shorts (Vienna, Austria)
Hamburg International Short Film Fesival (Hamburg, Germany)
This festival is competitive, so prizes are given to the winners. The winners are selected by the audience and the prize for 'Favoutite Short Film' wins a new ipad.
This festival doesn't appear to be competitive, it's more of a showcase.
This is a Film Festival that celebrates woman film-makers. It is competitive with three awards being given; Best Feature, Best Documentry and The Emerging Talent Award.
This festival is not competitive, it aims to display a wide range of products created using different medias to a huge audience with it's touring festival.
This film festival offers a huge range of catagorys where there can be a winner. There are over 30 catagorys all with cash prizes.
This festival is also competitive. These are the awards and winners from 2013;

Best Dramatic Short
A World for Raul
Director: Mauro Mueller

Best Foreign Short
Tumbling Birds
Director: Esther Bialas

Best Comedic Short
A First Date
Director: Alex Weinress

Best Documentary Short
Eddie Adams: SAIGON '68
Director: Douglas Sloan

Best Animated Short
Director: James Cunningham

Best of New York
The Windermere Guest
Director: Greg Slagle
This festival has a huge range of awards for different things. The interesting thing about this festival is that many different awards are sponsered by different companys, so have the awards have many different awards.
This festival has awards within different sections. These sections are;
- International Competition
- No Budget Competition
- German Competition
- Three Minute Quickie Competition

What Demographic are they targeted at?
What is the submission process?
The main audience for these short film festivals are short film fans.
However they are using the same kind of techniques to draw in an audience like the UK festivals are.
Non of these festivals are targeted at a certain one kind of person like the Birds Eye View festival is, with its female audience.
When looking at these four festivals there is one clear difference with one of the demographic that one of them will automatically achieve.
The Sundance festival is a film festival where as the others are short film festivals. This will bring a different audience to the Sundance festival, even though fans of the sort of film shown at sundance (less mainstream products) are usually fans of shorts as well. This is because short film also has a lack of mainstream influence as it has a lack of a mainstream following. The fact that Sundance shows features my lean it toward being aimed at a demographic who enjoy mainstream products, as features are for the most part, mainstream products.

Overall I think the main audience for is an older audience definately, these festivals aren't for all the family. But within the group of adults I feel they are targeting well educated people as these are usually the fans of the type of films they show. Slightly more of a high economic class would attend these events also as they are class events and are expensive to attend. The final demographic I feel they are aimed at is an international one. They want people from different countrys attending and this is shown by the fact that some are called international festivals in their title, and they show international films.
NY Shorts Fest
Entry fee (write title of film on check)

DVD labeled with contact information (phone number and email)

Include a print out of the confirmation email you receive (after you submit the online entry form) with your DVD entry

If you would like to make sure that we received your submission, please enclose a self-address, stamped postcard which we will send back to you
Extra Information
The entry fee depends on what type of film you are submitting

There are three deadlines; a late dealine, an early deadline and a regular deadline.
The Sundance Film Festival
Early Submission Deadline:
Monday, July 29, 2013 - $40 entry fee

Friday, August 9, 2013 - $50 entry fee

Official Submission Deadline:

Monday, August 26, 2013 - $60 ENTRY FEE

Friday, August 30, 2013 - $80 ENTRY FEE

Late Submission Deadline:

Monday, September 16, 2013 - $80 ENTRY FEE

Monday, September 23, 2013 - $105 ENTRY FEE
This festival follows the same pattern of submission as NY Shorts but the amount vary's according to when the film is submitted as well as type of film
Vienna Independent Shorts
Steps For Submitting:
1) General Information
2) Make sure your film isn't screened anywhere else until you are accepted or rejected.
3) Submission deadline
4) Rights of film-maker and film itself have to be understood
5) Notification on wheter your film will be shown
6) What format is your film shot on?
7) Insurance
8) Dispatch of film
9) Dispatch cost
10) Festival Contract
Other guidlines include;

Films have to be under 30 mins

Have to be shot on 35mm, 16mm or a certain kind of digital format.
Hamburg Inernational Short Film Festival
This film festival offers very similar steps to the Vienna festival. The only real difference is that they accept many formats that a film may be shot on.
What sort of short films are avalible to watch?
This website has such short film collections for pixar, cinema 16 and Harold Lloyd and other short film directors. The site also offers festivals collections, festival such as The Sundance Film Festival. However the site doesn't offer many shorts to watch instantly. The only real way to get short film from this site is to rent the collections of shorts they have on DVD.
Who comsumes short film on this site?
From what I can see short film isn't advertised or shown in any clear way on the site. The only way ro find short films is to search for them. This is different to popular films and television shows, as these are shown on the front page. So the only people that would watch or rent short films from this site are those who are fans and that have purposely gone on to the site to look for it. Some one who doesn't watch shorts wouldn't just go onto this and be drawn into watching a short film. So I can conclude that those watching are fans of short film.
What can we learn about those who do?
Fans of short film are usually the kind of people that more sifisticated film and what you might call 'films buffs'. They understand film and are usually quite highly educated. But as this is more for the viewing of more mainstream products and more established fans of shorts would propably have a more proficiant viewing platform as LoveFilm has a limited supply of shorts, the audience could be a younger one. Or an audience that has just started watching shorts and is a member of LoveFilm. Overall I feel this is more likely because some one who likes film may have LoveFilm already and then they find out about short film and use LoveFilm to find them. I just can't see a big short film fan using LoveFilm with it's lack of choice.
How are the products on this site promoted?
How is information about the products on the site shared by users?
This site uses mainstream advertising during popular televison programmes, where they talk about the service they provide but clips of popular films they have at the moment are shown. When you actually get onto the site there is a wall of these popular televison series and films, making it easy for the user to acess them and get information about them. As for short film, as I said before it hidden away and isn't promoted in any way by the website.
There is a very simple way viewers share information on this. They can review and write coments on the products shown by the website. They is way of comunicating directly with one person as you can coment on other peoples coments. This is an effective method as it allows people to comunicate with the LoveFilm comunity and this lets them see what others have thought about certain products
How is the site structured?
The site is very open with lots of large pictures. I feel it could be said that the design is quite edgy. This makes things slightly harder to acess but gives the site a very good look. On the main page they show large images of current film with the websites own take on that film. However when you enter MUBI social then the site looks more like a traditional design with areas at the top and key information on the main page. The website has a useful drop box in the top right hand corner which allows you to jump straight to different parts of the website.
What sort of visitors are MUBI aiming at and what are they offering to the audience?
As MUBI is a what might be called a niche site, you can assume that the audience that the audience will be somethng of a niche one as well. The site is targeting those who like film and know about film as these are the people that like the un-mainstream products they put out for viewers. This film audience is usually quite highly educated and are looking for something a little different when it come to film. For this audience they offer a lot of films they may enjoy. In many different genres. The site also offers its own opions on film. Another main part of MUBI is the social side. Those who are proper film fans like to talk about film for the most part an MUBI offers this. It allows members to talk and share opions on many different. The coments themselves tell you who is visiting these sites, as they are full of film specific langauge and are well writen. These elements tell you even more that the site is looking to get a highly educated film audiece how are bored of mainstream products.
I feel it's the same type of person who
comsumes shorts on MUBI as shorts and other un-mainstream products are very similar I shorts on this site will attract the same type of person just one thats more of a fan of short film. A younger audience may choose not watch shorts on this site as it is a paying site and offers all non mainstream products rather than a mixture like LoveFilm
So overall I can say that those who watch shorts on this site are proficiant watchers of short film and not just younger people who have just got into the format. These viewers will have a lot knowledge, so the social feature of this site will suit them as they share that knowledge, like they do now as I said eariler.
The information given by viewers and the convosations in the social area happen in a similar way to LoveFilm, with comments and review of the products. Its just done a lot more on this site and the way the audience write on this is very different on this site with its more film educated audience. And with a whole section deadicated to the social aspects of things there is a lot more emphasis on the socail aspects. There are also forums where people can share opions on products.
How is information shared on this site by users?
What can we gleam about those who use this site?
This site is slightly different as it allow member to contribute information to the site itself. Information can be put forward by members to the website where it is reviewed and and could be added to the website itself, this add sto the experience of anyone viewing the site. It also adds a sense of satisfaction for those contribtuting. The sites also offers polls for viewers, a rating system of the films on the site and message boards for visitors to conribute to.
As this site offers information on all genre and types of film and the information ranges from the amount of money it took, the plot of the film, what rating it's been given on the site, a full list of cast and crew including funding company's, etc. The audience is bound to be very large. Overall the audience could be anyone, but the ones contributing are definatly definable. No one would give information on film unless they had information to give, so the visitor that are contributing are big fans of at least one part of the information being given by this site. That means those contributing don't have to be clear 'film buffs' but they could just have an interest in one area, such as actors in action films for example.
How are these two sites structured?
Both sites are very similar as they have what popular and videos suggested for you based on what you've watched prviously, and the main way to get around the site is to use the search bar at the top of the screen. Although when you first go on VIMEO they put a huge emphesis on you creating an acount on the site, where as YouTube go onto the main page without any huge prompts to create an acount. Overall the styling of the sites is similar as well they both go for a clean looks with a white base colour. Although VIMEO goes for a woodland background in certain parts, this could suggest that they are trying to stray from the mainstream slightly.
What sort of people are the sites catering for? What can we gleam about these people? And what do the sites offer to the audience?
Who might upload a short film on one of these sites?
How is information about films shared by users?
On VIMEO short films are uploaded by a number of big names in the industry and you can find a few on YouTube. YouTube is probably more likely to be used by those who are new to short film making and trying to make a name for themselves. Some of the bigger budget shorts made won't upload to YouTube and just use VIMEO as they have more of a short film audience. VIMEO can also be used by those new to making films as well probably as much as YouTube, as even is there are new to short film-making they can probably realise that VIMEO is more the place for film. As a Student film-maker I use YouTube and then from there I get the embed code and put the video on my blog. This demonstrates YouTube's use when it comes to shorts. YouTube also has a wider audience so there is a chance as a young film-maker trying to make a name for yourself could get a much bigger audience than they might on VIMEO
YouTube has the basic way of comunicating and sharing information with people being able to create accounts, coment on videos, coment on others coments. However they have just joined with google and this allows easy transition between sites also accociated like blogger and google+ so sharing can happen between these sites also. Another way the YouTube comunity comunicates is through videos themselves, with people creating videos that ask people to coment there thoughts. VIMEO uses the same techniques as youtube for the most part, although the comunication is less as the amount of visitors is a lot less and there is much video comunication. Overall VIMEO doesn't have as much comunication although the comunication there is itellegent for the most part.
This site is catering for everyone really. Its one the most popular sites in the world and most people have been on it at one time or another. Its main audience is probably a young adult one as they put on special events like the YouTube music awards and they also had a comedy week. These kind of events main audience would have been young adults. Overall they cater for everyone with such a large range of videos but they put on video events for younger people. There are also people who's job it is to make YouTube videos because of there popularity and they prodominantly make videos for younger people. From this we can learn that web videos in general attract a younger audience as this site atrracts them and it has such a wide range of videos. The viewers are probably not all sufisticated and well educated but some are as this site will attract such a large demographic.
Vimeo has a different audience to YouTube as it's not as popular it has less of an audience. Because of this have decided to go a different way to YoyTube and try and attract a more sufisticated viewer. VIMEO in a way in the less mainstream version of YouTube with them both sharing the same format. YouTube dominates the market so VIMEO has to attract a differnet kind of viewer in some way. They show quite a lot of videos for more educated viewers, like short films for example. A typical VIMEO viewer is looking for something different than what YouTube supplies other wise they would just use YouTube. From this we can tell that a VIMEO viewer is looking for something different, and those types of people that search for something outside the norm are being supplied well by VIMEO. With there use of film VIMEO also atracts film fans to the site, and for these people VIMEO offers a huge range of short film.
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