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The Giver By: EAJ

No description

Jess R.

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The Giver By: EAJ

Civil procedures/Government
Schedule Rules
For recreation they pretended to play war . If you were twelve or older you will start to train for jobs. They would play jump rope and hopscotch. For example if you were santa and fat a engineer you will start training at 4:00.
The Giver
Each day each class lasts 1 hour.

They have that class at the same time EVERY day. For field trips they go to other communities. They do not go to playgrounds or pumpkin patches.
Inside the Classrooms
If you arrive later than 9:00 you will miss all of your recreation time.
If for some reason you have to leave school early you will lose half of your recreation time.
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