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No description

Pippa Evans

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of Boolean

Boolean Logic AND AND means you get both Remember:
OR means MORE! The impact of Vitamen C on Colds Cold Feeling the cold?
Which thermals to
wear skiing Psychological stress and
susceptibility to the
common cold Social ties and
susceptibility to the
common cold Vitamin C and the common cold Antibiotics for the common cold. The emperor penguin: a strategy to live and breed in the cold We now know: rethinking Cold War history Vitamin C You use Boolean everyday So you're researching a question So you do a search for: You get these results Some of them are useful Others are not useful... You try a search for: You get loads of results but most are not about colds Direct observation of a free radical interaction between vitamin E and vitamin C Vitamin C pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers: evidence for a recommended dietary allowance Antioxidant capacity, vitamin C, phenolics, and anthocyanins after fresh storage of small fruits Partners in defense, vitamin E and vitamin C. Flavor, color, and vitamin C retention of pulsed electric field processed orange juice in different packaging materials Vitamin E and vitamin C supplement use and risk of incident Alzheimer disease. If you search for 'Vitamin C OR Cold' you get all of these results: OR means MORE Search for 'Vitamin C AND Cold' and you get this result: AND means you get both concepts in the same paper Starter:
Salad OR Bread

Steak OR Pasta

Chocolate Mousse OR
Fruit Salad

Your choice of
1 Starter AND 1 Main
AND 1 Pudding

for $25 NOT Excludes
results OR means choice Now you are interested in exotic pets you search for: Pet Most of your results are about cats and dogs so you search for Pet NOT (cat OR dog) There are much fewer results as cats and dogs have been excluded There are 3 commands: AND OR NOT
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