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Marco Polo's Voyage

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Marco Polo's Voyage

Marco started his voyage when he was 17 with his Father and Uncle
What he did while on his voyage
Marco met some one by the name of Kublai
He also traveled on this route later on to be called the silk road
How long was he on board?
Marco polo was on board for 24 years so when he got off he was 41
Even though he was not the first one to explore China Marco, his Father and Uncle among others loved China
The Capture
While Marco was on his voyage he was capture in a battle by Vernice
Prison life
While in prison Marco met Arthurian writer Rustichello of pisa
Marco was in prison for a year until he took the peace treaty which allowed him to return home
Marco Polo's Voyage
What age he started at?
Marco Was A Hard Working Man
But... over all Marco Is a great man
Source History.com
By: LeCarra Albury
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