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What do u think about the School - Degree - Job path?

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Vicki Kolovou

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of What do u think about the School - Degree - Job path?

Nik is a young creative and very smart student,
17 years of age, who is
finishing school next year.
He already works as a graphic designer with clients, as he has to support himself. He's involved with startups and relevant networks and he's eager to learn from all these people.

- you don't choose this path by yourself; usually someone else has decided for you, ie. your parents
- we have no real knowledge of the outside world
- the system is like an obligation enforced on you
- Nik already works as a freelancer with clients mainly from outside of Greece
- He prefers to learn by working
- He is organising a trip to Amsterdam, to visit agencies and learn hands on how it all works
- He participates in competitions and other network events to gain professional recognition
- With the money he earns he likes to buy things that make him look cool and differentiate him
from others (but he does seem to be very conscious about over spending)
- He does a lot of research online concerning graphic design and artists
- He is involved in a lot of activities that are relevant to his age, concerts, events, hanging out with friends etc.
- Nik believes strongly that he has to chose his job from hands on experience
- It's evident that he does not feel that he has any control over the given path of -school-degree-job-
- He believes he has a duty with his parents to try to fulfill the above path but meanwhile he is trying to get his own preferences into the equation
- He thinks the system cannot change easily but he was intrigued by my questions to find a possible solution to the problem
He feels the system is wrongly prioritized

He feels obliged to his family/community to follow the existing system

He had strong feelings about doing a job he really likes, although he couldn't say what exactly this would mean for him (in level of satisfaction, fulfillment etc.)
Creative and smart,
working student

structure and prioritize
job and study interests

- you don't know what to study because you have no real knowledge of what suits you
- there should be field testing opportunities for students; a student should be able to say "i wanna see how the production line in a factory works" and the school must give him the chance to see and learn if this really interests him
- school is an 8 hour structured program - university throws you out of that organised structured program, giving you more freedom - and then your job returns you to your 8 hour scheduled disciplinary. This is confusing.
- we have no idea what the every day life of a working person is
- you should be able to test yourself in working situations
- we don't know what our stamina is for these different jobs
- we should be able to try a job and then decide to study relevantly to it
- you have to get it right, because it will be difficult to change profession at 28 or 30 due to life obligations
- there is no real guidance in school and you you can't decide what career path to choose
- if we had the chance to work as an intern on a job, even if its not our initial choice,
we could gain experience and benefit our CV
- I would be willing to work as an intern, for extra hours, if the school gave me the opportunity
- your degree does not have to be directly associated with the job you've chosen to do; it could
be something complimentary that will broaden your scope
- you have to like your job or else why do it
- my stimulation to follow graphic design was my next door neighbor's PC; I thought it
was an interesting game/toy to play with, so I started learning how to code with it.
Later on I decided I wanted to make things 'look beautiful' so I turned to graphic design
- I have not decided if I will study for a degree; I would prefer to learn hands on
as an apprentice
- studies should make you richer as a person; deepen you
- I wonder if conventional universities etc. should be replaced
by mentors. Whether this would prepare me better for my professional life

he feels he needs to get it
right, early in his life

Nik feels he has no control of the system as it is

He wants to make the correct job choice from the beginning

He wants to have the opportunity to try jobs before deciding on studies

He believes in peer to peer learning

I was surprised how he actually views the
school-degree-job path:

--> 8hour structured school - freedom in univeristies - 8hour structured job;
it seems he's afraid, after school and studies, to return to a system he considers restrictive and possibly boring, especially if he doesn't like the job
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