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Magcon Boys

No description

Riley Carroll

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Magcon Boys

Magcon Boys

Taylor Caniff
Magcon Boys
Jack G..

Jack J.
Taylor & Carter
Cameron Dallas
He has 2.5 Million followers on vine, just 5 months ago; he only had 90,000. He is 18 years old. He lives in California.
Nash Grier
He has the most followers out of the whole magcon group. he has 5.7 million followers! He is 16 years old, he lives in North Carolina. He has big blue eyes that every girl on vine obsess over.
Every boy in the magcon group is known for the followers, looks, and humor.
Side - note
Taylor has 540.3k followers. He lives in Indiana, andhe just recently turned 18. He doesnt post a
lot of vines, he's just friends will all the other
Shawn Mendes
Shawn has 1.6 M. followers. He got famous
on vine from singing. He posts alot of
covers & he is also part of a vine group
called 6 Second Covers. He lives in Atlanta.
He is 15 years old.
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron has 207.6 k followers on vine.
He lives in Louisiana. He is 15 years
old. Just like Taylor he doesn't have
alot of followers. He just kind of
follows the other boys around.
Matthew Espinosa
Matthew has 2.1 M followers on vine. He
has light blond hair & he is very crazy &
funny. He lives in New Jersey & he is 16
years old. people say he is only famous
because he looks like Justin Bieber
Side note:
Matthew has taken a break
with social media because girls
on his instagram page were
saying that they would kill themself
just to get him to follow them. He follwed them
& other girls got jealous and said they would
do the same. So he is taking a break because
he doesnt want to be the reason that girls would do that.
Hayes Grier
Hayes isnt a part of Magcon. But he
goes to all the shows & he is also Nash
Griers little brother. He is 13 years old
and he lives in North Carolina. He has
1.3 M followers.
Fun Fact:
Hayes plays football with a boy
in our school in 7th grade!
Jack & Jack
Jack J
Jack G.
Jack & Jack are really close friends. They live in the same neighbor hood in Omaha Nebraska. They share a vine account with 2.2 M followers. They are both 17 years old. But Jack G looks much older.
Carter Reynolds
Carter has 1.8 M followers on vine.
he is 17 years old & he lives in North
Carolina. & he is
This is a 7 minute video
but it is definetly worth watching, it explains everything about Magcon

Some of the boys vines!
this isnt a vine
but here is a video
of Shawn Mendes singing
Sweater Weather. (skip to 1:06 sec)
Cameron embarrasing himself
at the book store
Nash & his little sister
after he got his wisdom
teeth pulled
This is Nash & Cameron reenacting a scene from the movie Titanic
This is a video of the Magcon boys "doing it for the vine" which means: someone will record you without you knowing it and they wills say "do it for the vine" then you say "i aint gonna do it" then they repeat what they said over and over again until you do somthing crazy.
I did this topic because i think what
they do is very interesting. Other
people might just think they're just
boys on an app with alot of followers.
But i think they're alot more than that.
They have the meet and greet
conventions because they are alot of
girls idols, and not every girl is going to get the chance to meet their idols like Justin Bieber. I am going to Magcon in New Jersey on April 12th and 13th and i honestly can not wait. Not all the boys are going because they have another even to attend, but they wont be coming close to connecticut anytime soon so its worth it. And i wanted to enjoy this project by doing it on somthing that i love (:

Jack & Jack have their own
song called "Flight" & this is
all the boys singing it.
Here is a video of Cameron at the hotel for Magcon in Nashville sliding down the middle instead of taking the stairs
This is a vine of Cameron, Matt, Shawn and Taylor singing a song by drake
This is a vine of Cameron and Taylor at the hotel in California trying to jump across a pool. (Taylor is the one who jumped)
This is a vine of Cameron immitating Nash's little sister Skylnn while on their way to San Diego
This is a vine of Aaron and Carter squirting Matt with water, at the meet and greet in Nashville
This is a vine of all the boys in a car that they stole on accident while going to magcon, they thought it was their rental car but it was someones elses and they didnt have time to go back and return it until after the event was over.
Why Magcon?
These are my
favorite boys in the
Magcon Group
Cameron, Taylor,
Hayes, and Aaron.
I just think they are the funniest
and most attractive of course.

This is a small clip from
Cameron & Nash's YouTube video of them
doing the bestfriend challenge which is when you ask eachother questions and if you get it wrong the other person has to rub a sauce on you
This is another clip of Shawn singing
This is a video collage of the boys from a Magcon fanpage on vine
This is a vine of all the boys in their hotel elevator the night before Magcon Nashville
This is a vine of Aaron and Taylor dancing on the stage before the girls arive for VIP night
And this is a slideshow of some of Nash's instagram photos.
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