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Travellers of the Carribean

Dream Vacation - Geography of Tourism 2144G

Marisa Paul

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Travellers of the Carribean

Travellers of the Caribbean


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my
dream vacation as much as I know I will
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
When I was little and lived in Nova Scotia, I used to jump for joy whenever my dad would say we are going to Newfoundland to see my relatives. Now six year old me should have been excited because I was going to see my family. However, six year old me was truly thrilled because we'd have to travel on the Marine Atlantic Ferry to get there!
Being on the upper decks with panoramic views of the open Atlantic ocean was entrancing. The ferocity of the engines roaring and lapping of the waves had an adrenaline pumping effect. To quote the
, "I'm (was) king of the world"! Unfortunately, the Marine Atlantic fleet wasn't exactly luxurious under the viewing deck and at times left me disappointed.
You can imagine my excitement when I discovered what cruise ships were. More specifically when I laid eyes on the Royal Caribbean website.
"Hop on a classic carousel on the
, then watch acrobats splash down in the
, the first amphitheater at sea. Let imaginations soar in the Youth Zone—the largest kids' area at sea—or at the Pool & Sports Zone, where you'll find
FlowRider® surf simulators and zip line
views. Unwind with a stroll in
Central Park®
—a meandering garden lined with
and fine restaurants—or melt away stress at
VitalitySM Spa.
Jazz up your evening with Tony Award®-winning
Broadway hit Hairspray
, or hit the Royal Promenade for memorable moments with DreamWorks® Experience characters."
- Royal Caribbean (Oasis of the Seas)
To me, these ships are an opportunity to feel as empowered as I did as a kid again minus the musky smell and dungeon ambiance. Plus, of course, the added luxuries and exotic ports.
Luxuries don't come cheap. Prices can range anywhere between 1300-2000$ for two people for a week in an interior suite during the summer (not including airfare). As a student, its hard to justify spending 1/6 to 1/3 of your yearly tuition on one week.
There is special cause or reason to do so! Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, there is...
In September 2014, my boyfriend will be leaving to attend pharmacy school for four years. After being together for five years, the transition to a long distance relationship will not be an easy one. Wanting to leave things on a high note, we realized what better way to part ways then on a week long luxurious cruise together! We'll create long lasting memories that will make the separation seem less vivid. Also having never been on a trip outside Canada together, we figure it's time.
The Cruise
Taking into consideration school start dates yet still wanting this to be one of the last experiences we have before we part, we chose the following cruising week option:
By: Marisa Paul
Fort Lauderdale,

Charlotte Amalie,
St. Thomas
St. Maarten

Cruise Ship
The Oasis of The Seas
Ship Highlights
Entertainment & Activities

Between summer jobs and leaving for other cities to go to school, a week is all the time we can unfortunately budget.
Wanting to get the cheapest flights without driving an unreasonable distance from London, we will fly out of Detroit to get to Fort Lauderdale. In addition, the flights were also booked through the Choice Air website that partners with Royal Caribbean to ensure the flight arrives prior to the ships boarding cut off. This takes away the worry and stress of having to find flights that fall within these time frames.
The following budget is the approximate cost for two tourists:
Round-Trip Flights: $670.32 CAD
Airport Transfers to Cruise: $50.00 CAD
Overnight Parking & Gas: $150.00 CAD
Cruise Accommodations: $1923.50 CAD
Beverages (Not Included): $250.00 CAD
Onshore Excursions: $642.00 CAD

Total Estimated Cost: $3685.82 CAD
Personally, I don't think the room type on a cruise matters. I won't be spending much time in it with the exception of when I am sleeping. As long as there is a clean bed and shower, I'm happy. To save some serious cash, we chose an interior stateroom.
The interior room has:

a royal king bed
a TV
a mini-fridge
a safe
a private bathroom

The room is approx: 172 sq. ft.
Nassau, Bahamas
I've been dying to go to Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort since I saw the movie "Holiday in the Sun" in which Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen slide down the Leap of Faith slide in the infamous Mayan Temple. The thought of dropping up to 35-miles-per-hour down a 60-foot-long chute into a tunnel surrounded by sharks sends my heart racing. Having never even encountered a Shark, we think this is a highly memorable experience waiting to happen.

With beautiful sandy beaches spanning approximately six miles, the city attracts hundreds of tourists with their warm tropical weather year round.
the mean temperature in August: 28.33°C
While these amenities may not seem attractive to others, these, in combination with the company of the love of my life, equate to my own personal version of paradise.
4 pools including an adults-only pool
10 whirlpools, two of them overlooking the ocean
Two rock-climbing walls & zip line across the ship
mini-golf course
Complimentary Tony Award-winning musical Hairspray, AquaTheater shows, ice shows and other live entertainment
18,000 sq. foot Casino Royale® with 464 slots and 27 tables
Bars, lounges, and nightclubs including live jazz club, karaoke bar, and comedy club
Lots of Delicious Food
Bars & Comedy Clubs
Live Entertainment Shows
Oasis of Dreams (AquaTheater Show)
Frozen in Time (Ice Show)
Hairspray Broadway Show
Zip lining, Swimming & Rock Climbing
(got to stay active)
Where you can find the pristine white sandy beaches so often photographed and used as computer screen backgrounds.
Nassau is also home to the luxurious resort, Atlantis on Paradise Island which has won, to name a few, awards from the World Travel Awards, TripAdvisor and Travel + Leisure.
Some people refer to St. Thomas as the "duty-free shopping capital of the world."
The following activities are what I have planned for my dream vacation cruise. Ideally I will partake in these excursions while on my vacation and I will not see a single dark cloud. However, due to weather conditions and availability, some of the following may be unavailable. I have to take what mother nature gives me! (As long as it isn't snow...)
It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Magens Bay.
In St. Maarten, one can find miles of white-sand beaches.
Plenty of undersea worlds of coral reefs and exotic fish.
There is also 500 duty-free shops on St. Maarten with prices 25% to 50% below those in the U.S!
Our Bubble
Throughout this trip we will be sheltered from the local culture other then minimal interaction with the local guides on the excursion tours. A majority of the ports (ex. Bahamas) have tourism fueled economies. I do plan to tip generously to our tour guides and hopefully am able to immerse myself at some points in the local markets.
As you may have gathered from my description of the Marine Atlantic, I love powerful machinery. Any chance I get to ride ATVS, I take. St. Maarten is the only port to offer such an excursion and is an opportunity I cannot miss out on. In addition to riding ATVs along side beautiful beaches, I will most definitely be going shopping to find some guavaberry liqueur, a legendary folk liqueur of St. Maarten.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Recently, one of my friends travelled to St. Thomas. One of the highlights of her trip was an excursion Royal Caribbean refers to as 'Turtle Cove Sail & Snorkel'. On this excursion you get to snorkel and swim among coral formations, tropical fish and turtles. What makes it stand out from similar offerings is the themed pirate ship that comes and picks you up, included drinks and free photos of your excursion posted online!
Images Retrieved From:
http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/cruiseDetails/itinerary.do?packageCode=OA07E097 &sailDate=1140823&state=NA
http://media.royalcaribbean.com/content/royal/en_US/images/shore_ex/caribbean ST_Charlotte_Amalie_St_Thomas/hero/ST97_1_175.jpg
Simple Image White Cartoons Retrieved From Prezi Symbols and Shapes

So Many Options, But In The End...
It came down to preferences and recommendations. After researching countless cruise lines (Princess, Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean etc.) by searching on the Internet and asking trusted family & friends who've previously gone, we chose Royal Caribbean. I was consistently given the advice to do a Western or Eastern Caribbean cruise. When narrowing search results for Royal Caribbean cruises whose itinerary falls in the last week of August and exceeds 6 days in the Caribbean, only three results matched. Option A was to the Western Caribbean from Texas with stops that included Mexico and Belize which did not appeal to myself. Option B had appealing ports of call, however, it was a much older ship long overdue for rehab according to reviewers. So, we went with the last option, an appealing itinerary and a newer ship or as I like to refer to as ...
(Not too much as I will already be broke)
Can you tell I like white sandy beaches and shopping?
enjoy experiencing it!
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