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Career Presentation

Jagdeep Bal

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Orthodontist

Duties Responsibilities Salary Hourly - $ 97 University of Toronto - Character Traits - Integrity

-Good people skils

-Punctual Orthodontist University Programs High School Courses Work Schedule and Hours Top 4 paying Provinces and Territories By: Jagdeep Bal Personality Traits and Skills Work Setting Personality Traits Patient Motivating Humor Self-discipline Active Listener Skills Manual Dexterity Communication Business Acumen - Orthodontics

- Dentistry (DDS)

- Advanced Dental Sciences - All Science courses
- Math courses
- Business - Consultation
- Examination
- Treatment Plan - Treatment - Maintenance - Discharge - Study clients dental history - Design and construct individual dental appliances, with reference to the client's dental history - Regularly check and adjust dental appliances - Being honest with patients Responsible for finishing the patient's treatment with the best results possible - Orthodontists work approximately 30-40 hours per week - no expectation of being on call or working nights - work 4 or 5 days a week - work in well lighted offices or clinics - Always work indoors Annually - $ 175, 000 - Varies in different provinces in Canada Benefits -Orthodontists who own their own practices must pay for their own health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits - Orthodontist who work for companies get paid leaves and vacations, they are also entitled to medical insurance Employment Data -76% of the dentists were male
- 24% were female - New Brunswick - Alberta - Ontario - Manitoba Empathy
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