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Simply the Best

No description

Phillip Rosebrook

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Simply the Best

Decreasing margins
Vanishing markets
Increasing deductible
Program work & TPA
Increasing competition

The new normal?
Chaos economy
What would you do to create the most successful company in the industry?
Simply the Best
What Happened
2009 - 2013
Name Association
How about these?
Success Defined?
Reality Check
2.3% Net profit
32% Gross profit
102 Ave collection days
Average age 58 Years

What's Working Well?
Simply the Best!
A predictable Situation
2006 Connections Conference Clearwater Fl
The demise of the independent contractors
Success of network groups
Growth of McRestoration
Influence of Global Restoration Inc.
Bold Predictions 2006

There will be fewer restoration companies
Profit Margins 5% Points Lower than today
It will become much more difficult to market to the insurance community
New Names – some household
More discriminating Clients
Vendor programs increase - most national in scope
The insurance companies will partner more with contractors
2-10 Years

More Predictions
A Proactive Approach
Understand what the best companies do.
Become a student of leadership
Challenge your comfort zones
Support your brand and brand message
Be strategic
Leverage your capital
Pre-tax income 12%
Owner wages $487,000
Receivable days 78
Stratic plan 88%
Written goals 100%
Close rate 73%
Measure sales activity 89%
Succession plan 77%
Best Practices
People that read 7 Business Books per year earn 230% more than those that read 1
Peer groups or outside resources
Comfort Zones
Support your Brand
Become strategic
An average strategy properly implemented is better than a great strategy poorly implemented
Protect Capital
Visit your strategy and follow your plan
5 Steps to Become the Best
Discipline to Be the Best
Create a High Level of Expectation
Define Clear Goals, Vision and Mission
Know your measurements
Become a strong Leader
Employ great people
Be a company of action
Thank you!
Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR
Partner Business Mentors



541 359 4117
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