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Key Messages & SPACE CATS! King Infomarket 2014: Lisbon

VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Click full screen on the player, turn up the volume, and click the right arrow key to advance!

Prezi Training

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Key Messages & SPACE CATS! King Infomarket 2014: Lisbon

Our Vision
What can you do at
Infomarket 2014
Innovate the saga format -
try new ideas, try new models
So what is our strategy to achieve this?

Today is about
King's future,
what is our mission,
our direction,
and take an opportunity
to celebrate

since the last infomarket:
What we have achieved
Seven dials, London
+ nonstop games and Comufy
Share ideas
Network with colleagues
Have fun
How do we
get there?
"We are not creating games for a niche group of people, we are creating great games for the whole world"
1 billion players!
We must fundamentally empower you to create the best games in the world, and be the best company in the world to work in,...
...think differently,...
...go outside our comfort zone,...
... and work together.”
Playing with a
perfect match
is more fun
Find that social moment that gets you to connect with other players -
that’s when our audience truly becomes a network.
Learn from Asia
for global games
Leverage our reach to
extend to new genres
We need to make games that are high on the charts across the world
Re-imagine a classic game for
bitesize brilliance
Build a
player network
Make our games BWF

(better with friends)
“With these building blocks in place we think we can reach the 1 billion players goal”
Fun & Friendly
Fast & Fluid
& Craft
Humble & Open
Creative champions
Everything we have goes into everything we do.
We value creativity and innovation across the board.
We listen, we learn, we share. We’re modest and always open to the possibilities.
We encourage individuality and the freedom to express ourselves. We work together, we celebrate our successes.
We’re agile and adaptable problem solvers. Prepared to fail, we don’t make excuses and we never stand still.
“We aim to be everyone's gaming kingdom!"
"We make brilliant games the world raves about"
"We re-imagine gaming for bite-size, social play"
"We bring people together in a place
the player is king
View the workshops retrospective prezi here:
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