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Personal Learning Environment

The digital tools I use to write lab reports, make notes and revise for exams.

Jeremy Slater

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment

Personal Learning Environment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Using the internet is a quick and
easy way to research a chosen subject. A primary resource may be a
search engine. Online information sites and
encyclopedias such as wikipedia
give people a chance to upload
and edit there own information
for the purpose of informative
public viewing. This is a useful
tool, but due to public editing
it can not be completely trusted.
I often use it with with other sites
to ensure reliability. For more general info
about a subject, such
as current affairs and
media based topics I use
the BBC website. it particularly useful
for health statistics. I find it particularly
useful for health statistics. A great new tool available
on the web is the use of
e-books. Specifically my
main medical sciences textbook.
Upon purchasing the book, I
was provided with a code in
which I could view the book
in electronic form on the web.
This saved me carrying it
everywhere. My mecical sciences textbook, displayed on
the web. Clicking the pages simulates the
turning of pages of the real book. One of the main tools I use it the VLE
(Virtual Learning Environment), provided
by the University of Leeds. This is a
course specific series of webpages
displaying everything to do with my
course from; lectures notes/slides,
timetables and past exam papers.
It is a very easy to use website,
allowing you to access your course
material pretty much anywhere in the
world. Just recently there was a
social networking site made for
the VLE, which could potentially
be a really useful information
sharing site. The idea stemmed
from the very popular networking
site; Facebook. 12. In the past I have used Facebook
chat to ask friends doing my
course, questions about notes ,
lectures and lab reports. It
is simple and easy to use and
saves wasting money by sending
a text.
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