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I-learning project

An introduction for content experts

Stijn Kiens

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of I-learning project

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Can set learning objectives Can develop a storyboard Can develop a training map

WHAT WE WILL DO Introduction I-learning project Developing learning goals. And this is how Learning versus teaching Russell L. Ackoff: “the product of teaching is not necessarily learning” (1991)
1. Log admin training
2. Tech log training The purpose of the I-learning project THE I-LEARNING PROJECT

A training for content creators Stijn Kiens Developing lessons (using the story board) Introduction I-learning project Setting learning goals Structure of the project Who is who Process Development process Knowledgeable versus Skilled Standards Criteria Work instructional topics.
Responsibilities and tasks trainees will have to perform when doing their job.
Formulated in terms of behavior and not knowledge.
Be logical for the trainee Examples Reponsibility: as a log admin you will be responsible for managing your storeroom(s).

Therefore you have to:
Make sure the storekeepers uses stock cards properly
Make sure the storekeeper makes a monthly stock report
Perform regular and random stock checks. Reponsibility: as a tech log you will know how to manage your drivers

Therefore you have to:
Have monthly meetings.
Give warning letters when needed.
Make sure workschedules are up to date and fair Please note: the first module of both trainings will be an overview of the tasks the trainee has to perform in the field, and the standard tools we use. Therefore the trainee knows (of the existence of) the tools we use before he/she will start with your module Reponsibility: as a log admin you will be responsible for closing the financial month

Therefore you have to:
Performing cash counts (petty cash and main safe) with appropriate people
Tracing and act on cash disparities
Make sure that every receipt is signed by PC
Sent harcopies of all receipts to Finco.
Close the financial month in Boox according to procedure. Exercise Defining the learning goals for your part of the training Please have a look at the learning goals that were formulated in a previous stage (will be handed out), and adjust them/fine tune them according to the lessons learned.

Please take into account people can only learn so much during a training, So focus on the most essential and make sure they know that well...... I ................................................................... I I I I Start Software Training content ready Testing I Go Life Procedure Assessments Developing a story board Cognitive competences Instruct the Storekeeper on the use of stockcards. Analyze a montly stock report. Create a new employee in Homere according to procedure Introduction Exercise: Please assign a cognitive competence to two of your learning goals and explain your rational Social constructivism Motivational design Example STT Exercise: we take one learning objective and make an introductionary learning tasks using the storyboard. Closing Show example in STT feedback. Exercise: brainstorm about other possible feedback methods And the rest... Discussion/brain storm on other possibilities learning tasks. Some examples What is next Design Feedback Re design Production Feedback Fine-tuning Testing Develop assessment Finalize Individual agreements Film/photographs Go over Story board (the fields not discussed).
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