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The Cell Analogy of a Cruise Ship

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Patricia Ku

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cell Analogy of a Cruise Ship

The Cell Analogy of a Cruise Ship
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Cell Wall
The Cell Wall supports and protects the cell. In a cruise ship the cell wall can be compared to the bow of a cruise ship. The bow cuts through and pushes the water.
Cell Membrane
The doors are like the cell membrane in the cell because the doors let people in and out. They let people with tickets in and the ones that don't stay out. Just like a cell membrane, it's function is to allow good things to come in and bad or unwanted things to stay out.
A Golgi complex stores, packages, and transports materials. In a cruise ship this can be compared to as the waiter in a cruise ship. They carry food and transport or serve them to passengers.
Chloroplast is only found on plant cells. This is where photosynthesis takes places, or where sunlight is converted into usable energy. In a cruise ship this can be compared to solar panels. Solar panels also take sunlight and covert it to usable energy.
The Nucleus of a cell controls everything that is happening in it. Just like the captain of the Cruise ship. The captain controls and makes decisions for the things happening in the ship.
The Vacuole of a cell is used fo quick storage this can be compared to the storage room of a cruise ship. They both store things for easy reach .
In a cell the ribosomes can be compared to a chef on a cruise ship. The ribosomes are where proteins are produced and proteins make up most of the cell. In a Cruise ship the chef cooks food for all the passengers and workers.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Endoplasmic Reticulum or the ER is used to move materials around the cell. This can be compared to the whole ship, because the ship brings the passengers to their destination.
The Mitochondria in a cell is like the engine room in a cruise ship. They both give power for energy source.
By: Patricia Ku

Golgi Complex
The Lysosome of a cell can be compared to the janitor in a Cruise ship. Both get rid of waste and unwanted products.
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