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Prezi goes to Stony Brook!

We headed for a visit to Stony Brook University in New York to visit our Prezi Ambassador for "Earthstock"

Ashley Whitlatch

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Prezi goes to Stony Brook!

A B C A B C Earthstock heads to
Stony Brook University for 2013 Ideas Matter. At Prezi, we believe that Big Ideas change the world can was created by an architect fine artist and Prezi Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all. people are now using Prezi More than 22 million From Budapest To San Francisco fun engaging and To make sharing ideas more Adam Somlai Fischer
Founder TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission: helping people share world changing ideas. In 2011, Prezi raised a Series B financing led by Accel Partners. Unparalleled product innovation millions of reusable prezis. professional-templates, redesigned user-interface, The company has been cash-flow positive since year one. Not a cent spent on advertising until April of 2012 Word -of-mouth, Evangelism,
promoting great content 2 new prezis every second! Peter Halacsy CTO Peter Arvai CEO idea big with his own Adam Somlai-Fisher So what is Prezi doing at Stony Brook? Want to win an iPad mini?! To celebrate Earth Day, we're hosting a prezi contest http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Ic/Classes/bin/ Want to learn more about Prezi? Check out our Prezi Ambassador's workshops on campus: Put together a Prezi with your ideas of creating more sustainability at Stony Brook Find one of us today and get your Stony Brook ID card swiped to receive an email with additional info! Your prezis will be due at midnight, on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 The best prezi will win an iPad mini Help make Stony Brook green! Thanks for visiting!
http://www.prezi.com Use your Stony Brook email to sign up for a free EDU Enjoy license! TODAY We also believe in giving back to our surrounding communities All prezis will be judged based on creativity, your sustainable idea, and prezi design. or http://www.prezi.com/learn Want to represent Prezi at Stony Brook? Check out our
Ambassador Program: http://www.prezi.com/ambassadors
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