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Melissa's Inquiry

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Melissa's Inquiry

Transition Time!
Melissa Valdivia

Students will/should be able to:
Enter the classroom knowing what lesson they should be ready for.
Look around the classroom and/or agenda to see what subject they need to get ready for.
Take out all necessary materials and wait quietly.
Ensure that the rest of their table is ready (receives points).
Focal Students
The Entire Class!! Yay!
Take Away for Teachers
Don't be afraid to use technology! There are a number of great apps for teachers!
Being explicit goes a long way; we can't assume because it is routine therefore all students know what to do.
Older students still need visuals (i.e., big timer, noise level, multi-step directions written out.)
Going over the time lost and adding it up as a class, makes it more meaningful to students.
Inquiry Question:
How can my students successfully transition (with little time spent) from subject to subject OR recess to classroom learning?
Learning Goal
What I Learned
For my students to be ready for the lesson with little to no distractions.
Staying Consistent with taking time
Refraining from telling students I had the timer on.
Data Sample/Pictures:

Getting students to independently get ready WILL take time.
Trying different transitioning tools and/or strategies can be a bit distracting...stick to one for a week or two.
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