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Comparing and Contrasting Feudal and Enlightenment societies.

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Eitan Roy

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Comparing and Contrasting Feudal and Enlightenment societies.

Comparing and Contrasting Feudal and Enlightenment Societies. Feudal Societies aquired power by: Taking freedom away from the masses Rulers claimed they had a divine right Land=Wealth=Power "Might is Right" Feudal Societies used power to: Mantain the social structure Mantain social inmobility Mantain peace and order Feudal Societies justified their power by: Masses are protected, and provided security for the ones higher up. Ruling class is responsible for general welfare and are expected to provide food, shelter and safety On the other side...
----------> Enlightenment Societies acquired power by: Stating that all men are created equally in terms of humanity and law. Holding elections by popular vote. Majority rules! Granting and mantaining reason. See? Feudal structures have the shape of a pyramid. Enlightenment Societies used power by: Teaching the strength of reason Encouraging rational thoughts. Solidifying individual freedom, liberties and equality in the eyes of society, government, God etc. And... Enlightenment Societies justified their power by: Making rational, benefitional social progress. Giving mankind the benefit of the doubt. If you didnt see that, here is a better demonstration. Irreversible freedom and liberty. Avoid tyranny/corruption Enforce tolerance of religions That was the comparison between. Feudal And Enlightenment Societies. *Enlightenment thinkers I think... All religions are = Corruption >:I
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