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Battle of the Alamo

No description

Rebecca Cao

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo
Before the Battle
Preparation for Santa Anna's army
Mexicans won the battle, but Texans won the war
Casualties: Mexicans- 600, Texans- 257, everyone died except for a few women and children

1821-1835, Mexican army occupy the Alamo
Republic of Mexico welcomes foreign immigrants
Mass immigration--> Rebellion!
December 1835, Texan rebels overtake the Alamo
James Clinton Neill
Upholds fort of the Alamo
Constant call for reinforcements & support
Ignores General Houston's orders to evacuate
James Bowie
Bowie and volunteers --> San Antonio to deliver orders from General Houston
Impressed by the Alamo
Convinced by Neill to stay and defend the Alamo
Sent w/ thirty troopers to the Alamo
Reluctant, then convinced to defend the Alamo
Later --> Commander, along with Bowie
Requests more volunteers
William Travis
Siege - Twelve Days
Feb. 25, 1836
Feb. 26, 1836
Feb. 28, 1836
Feb. 27, 1836
Feb. 24, 1836
Feb. 23, 1836
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day One
Day Two
Day Eight
Day Nine
Day Ten
Day Eleven
Day Twelve
Feb. 29, 1836
March 1, 1836
March 2, 1836
March 3, 1836
March 4, 1836
March 5, 1836
Day Seven
Jacob can answer questions
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